Puja Durga: Work In Progress

In case you haven't noticed, I'm clearing a backlog of photos here, and these are some photos on a walkabout on the Kumartuli Streets in Kolkata. Puja Durga is one of the biggest celebrations in Kolkata (from what I understood, Durga is the goddess who defeated evil)  and just a month before the big day, the streets are lined up with craftsmen gathering straw and patting clay on deity statues.

Some of them have even gone as far as the painting process already.

It was a bit of a walk around the streets, plus the humidity is pretty harsh. But not enough to tempt me for a chai here.....

Not the cleanest-looking of a drinks stall, but you have to admire the OCD-ish arrangement.

My own personal tour guide... :D

And our reward after all that hard work walking around.

Lamb and chicken beryani! Beryanis are greasy but oh my, it is mouth-watering enough to throw the doctor's advice out the window. Soft and tender lamb falling off the bones infused with the aroma of about 100 different spices. This one we ordered at a popular Muslim shop, but I much prefer the greasier version we usually get at the airport... Pictures when I have it!

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