Toy Story 3

And yet another great movie by Disney's Pixar.

The story continues as Andy gets ready to enter college and the toys are all sad and prepared to move into the attic once Andy would not need them anymore. Andy's mother enters the room and demands Andy to pack things he wouldn't need anymore (trash), stuff to put into the attic, stuff for college and stuff for donation (Sunnyside child care).

Andy then rounds up his toys and dump all of them into the 'Attic' bag, all except for the cowboy Woody, which he plans to bring to college. Then as he was about to put the 'Attic' bag into its designated place, Andy's sister calls for help and he drops the bag (without label, it looks just like a trash bag). Andy's mom passes by, sees the trash bag and drops it by the curb for the trashmen!

The toys then managed to free themselves from the trash bag and embark on an adventure to Sunnyside the child care centre. There, they meet Lotso (Lots 'of Huggin Bear) the scary pink bear that smells of strawberries hehe. He seems to be all nice until his true colors show when some of the toys try to escape.

There are so many scenes that tickles my funny bone. One of my fave is when Ken emerges from his Dream House through the house side lift ROFL so funny! Some more the lift like not smooth and is jerky. The movie is also very touching... understanding how the toys felt when the happy times with Andy ends and as they were being passed to the ever-shy Bonnie.

How can you not love Pixar movies?

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