Over the past 3 months, I have attended 2 funerals. Death has taken two of who were close to my heart.

Ultimately, this has changed my perspective in life and death.

We are so blinded by wealth and materialism that we never take a back seat and observe.

Each day we get up like a clockwork and make our way to the office like a pre-coded programmed beings.

After Ah Ma's demise, I tried to slow things down, try not to spend too much time at work and try not to get upset over small things.

It was hard, and it has to be done consciously and soon I forgot about taking things slow and being forgiving. Before long, I was my old monster self and striding briskly to work each day.

Then when Shan was thrown into a coma after a brain surgery and shortly afterwards she stopped breathing, I was taken aback. It hit me like being splashed with cold water. I mean, each of us knew it all along that life is short, we can die just about any moment and all that. But really, how many of us actually believe in it as surely as we believe we will wake up the next morning?

How confident are we, that if the next minute we succumb to Death, have lived the life we wanted? Made sure that our loved ones know we care and we still think of them to the very last second we were on Earth?

How often do we actually call our family members? The general favorite excuse is that we are too busy and barely have time to call. But the sad truth is that we don't MAKE time.

What is a couple of minutes off a single day? Are we so blinded by work and socializing with friends that we are no longer fueled by family bond?

Oh how cunning Death can be.... you never know when will be your turn... And no amount of money or power can be transcended over to the afterlife.

Am I ready today?

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