Sushi Cravings

More post on food hehe... favorite food with some of my favorite people. When I brought Wei En to a road side restaurant near my place for fish head noodles (omg, digressing, I have yet to blog about this awesome rendezvous! No worries, will be making another trip there soon - with my trusty camera) when she declared that she has a craving for sushi - even though she just had those a couple of days ago.

Not one to brush off any cravings - believe me, I am very much experienced in the field of cravings! We agreed to lunch at Sushi Zanmai when her beau comes down to KL the following weekend.

Zanmai usually has a long line of queue (jeez, doesn't it seem to be the case of almost every other restaurants in KL? Only KL people are willing to wait and pay big bucks for their food).

One of my all-time-faves, the Chuka Idako. SX doesn't want to eat them because he said it's cruel to eat such cute little beings.


So I 'had' to wallop almost all of them, not that I'm complaining :D

And how can I resist ordering my ultimate favorite meal of all things Japanese. Unagi Don! Lookie that unagi, marinated in kabayaki sauce which gives it the most delicious looking gleam. Mmmm.....

If there's one thing I can never get enough of, it's unagi. Every time after a gym workout, I would scout the food shelves in Isetan, hoping beyond hope that there is still that last pack of unagi don (at 50% off, of course!)

The unagi don deserves another picture in this blog because I want to drool over them *.*

WE's craving for salmon sushi brought this to our table. The Zanmai Salmon Special or something like that. Priced at RM19+ I find it too expensive for such a plate as the salmon slices are really thin.

Udons for the couple. On the foreground must be some sort of kakiage udon though I can't tell what the one in the background is.

From here onwards, I must really add that both WE and I were the gluttons (or rather, we were forced to be). SX doesn't eat the majority of the sushi or a la carte dishes served and thus WE and I had to DBKL the rest of the sushis.

Soft shell crab sushi in fish roe. By now you must understand that I have finished my unagi don (which is filled with rice), stuffed myself with a few of the salmon sushi (more rice) and then these soft shell crab sushi (more rice x 2) which SX conveniently does not consume T_T

And we finish with another of my faves - black sesame ice-cream. I first tried black sesame ice-cream in Equatorial Hotel and that was ice cream done to perfection for me. But Sushi Zanmai did not managed to pull this ice-cream off. It lacks the fragrance of black sesame and that was that.

WE ordered the green tea waffle or something like that which you can see behind my ice-cream. I don't know how to describe this one. The ice-cream totally lacks the green tea taste as the thin layer of red bean was overpowering what it should be enhancing. And the outer layer waffle was soft, uh, maybe it was meant to be that way, I'm not sure but it sure doesn't work it for me.

I am craving for unagi d T_T

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