Shan: The Eulogy

Wah, seriously this is one of the longest period of time I have ever gone on without blogging.

It has been a horrible month, popping in and out of the hospital... Two weeks ago, TY's youngest sister was involved in an accident. She and her boyfriend were on a motorcycle close to the UTAR students residences when they were knocked down by a Mercedes. Shan broke her right leg and her boyfriend suffered the same thing too.

From that fateful crash, a hell lot of ups and downs took over our lives. The poor girl was first scanned and doctors found she had a blood clot in her brain. Immediately, an operation to remove the clot was performed and all family members waited anxiously for Shan to regain consciousness. She later woke up the next evening, with much relief.

Shan woke up feeling really sorry for her mistakes (the dad completely does not allow them to go on motorcycles) and she expressed her want of going home, to dance... But because of her broken leg, she may have to depend on a wheelchair or crutches to move around.

Doctors found her vitals to be strong enough to perform surgery on her legs. The procedure was done on the following Thursday. When she was pushed out of the operating theater, Aunty called to her and Shan opened her eyes in respond. However, the following morning, she had a seizure.

Things started going downhill from there. After the second operation, she did not come around.

Then, on Saturday, (I was also in Ipoh during the weekend), Aunty received a call at 6am from the hospital. Shan had to be resuscitated due to heart failure.

More waiting ensued, a lot of crying was going on. The tension was just too thick in the air you could almost use a knife to cut it.

An MRI scan later found Shan's brain to be in normal condition. This gave us a little hope. Later, a neurosurgeon revealed that Shan's brain is swelling.

Another neurosurgeon's opinion was sought. Shan is brain dead.

She passed away on 7th November.




Shan is like a sister I never had. I remember when I first visited TY's family in Kuantan, my first impression of her was "weird!". She was so skinny and seemingly shy. Back then, she was still studying Form 5. We shared a bed together (at that time, Wei En was still in college or something liddat) and she was just the sweetest thing.

Shan doesn't like pork (!!) and she lives in her own fantasyland. A land of Ayumi Hamasaki, Tokio Hotel and Adam Lamberts. The girl can go nuts over a band or a celebrity and go to great lengths to get her hands on their albums, posters, well, you name it.

I remember her being obsessed with The Suite Life of Cody or something similar to the TV series and when the whole family was going over to KL to stay in a suite she was so exalted because she can somehow live the life of the series. But I also recalled her being tremendously disappointed when the family then decided to stay with a close relative.

That's the extent of Shan in her world :)

God took her life away when she was only a few weeks short of her 19th birthday. She has touched so many lives and the gaping hole she now left in us will be filled with memories of the sweet girl who is so loving and tender.

Rest in peace, baby girl...


  1. I will never forget how she told me she wanted to dance... She wanted to go back home so badly, she wanted to be with us.... And now actually, she's with us, she's happy and I bet she's dancing all the time now.... Will keep her close in my heart, so she will always be a part of me forever~~

  2. She is the sweetest thing. Life has its own way of teaching us lessons in life itself... Learn and be stronger :)


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