Chronological Events to Sakitdom

I have no one to blame except myself. I just went all out, not knowing when will be the next time I savour these delicious meals hehehe. 

 If you're starving, or home-sick, you're in big trouble! :D

Day 1 dinner - assam belai, honey chicken, stir fried vege and ulam with sambal. Tua Ee's assam belai is superb! Very spicy and sour. I had second helpings during dinner, then again when TY just reached SP :D 

(Ok, I realized my blog is turning into some sick kind of platform where I not-so-sheepishly reveal my pig-outs).

Back to business!

I think it was the combination of the assam belai and second day brunch of extra spicy hokkien mee that triggered the throat to rebel. Plus the day was really hot, and the lack of water was a sure fire way to get sick.

And if all that heat wasn't enough, I was treated to more! Sambal petai again, thanks to Tua Ee :D This time she made the more watery kind - with generous portions of prawns. I like it, but I still preferred the dry, heh bi version over this one.

Mum's steamed fish with julienned carrots, mushrooms, minced pork....I really like the addition of minced pork into steaming the fish. Makes the fish really sweet. Plus, I'm not a big fish person (hence the bad memory LOL nah I''m just making excuses).

See yong chai th'ng also courtesy of Tua Ee. She really pulled out all the stops when I came back this time around. She also went through the hassle looking for petai and all that. Best aunt.

And mom's stir-fried spinach! Both TY and I were huffing and puffing trying to finish everything up, there was just so much food :S

Stir fried pumpkin. One of my faves... Too bad I was really, really stuffed...

Breakfast Day 3: Tuna sandwiched in two 'premium' wholemeal bread and romaine lettuce.


Day 3 pig-out was one of the massive ones yet.... whole day makan trip in Penang. I'll be putting up another post on that by itself... Thought I should just include the home-cooked ones in here. Anyways by Day  3 morning, I was already feeling the sand paper-y feeling on my throat. It came so sudden. Normally I'd feel something funny with my throat the night before and I will get the chance to gargle with salt water or something, which usually terminates any buildup of bacteria to stop  the sore throat. But this time around, it happened so fast! Woke up and felt horrible immediately :(

Fast forward to Final day lunch... when I was already down with the flu and sore throat got worse...

Lub cheong with onions, and stir fried bittergourd with eggs. Mum pulled all the stops this time. She cooked 5 types of dishes, excluding frying daun kaduk rice for me and TY to tapao back! Is she awesome or what? Mum, if you're reading this, I appreciate all your effort :) Btw, Mum's daun kaduk fried rice is the best! Never had anything like it and doubt there is anyone else who makes the same!

Herbal soup and steamed salted egg custard.

 One of those entries that I wouldn't say have a perfect ending.... still loads of home-cooked food, so there's no reason to complain, right?


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