Slurping Up Udons

This is probably the first time (or in a very long time) I'm actually blogging right on the same day as the occurrence of the contents. Yea, I know, I'm hardworking :p (Update: I actually got tired, went to bed, and only finished this the next day :D)

TY was up in KL again for a marathon and boy, I am pissed! He told me we will have lunch together, so I tried looking up on potential places for lunch which of course has to be nice and different. Even called up a KL friend for recommendations. Then that bugger had the nerve to oversleep (he claims that he was already up early and had to work during the morning), gotten his own lunch at Ipoh, without notifying me, while I waited patiently here for him to arrive #$*#&^*@^^#%@. So we missed the initially planned udon lunch  at Sanuki Udon because the place closes at 3pm. Well anyways we had that for dinner -.-

Ah well, in my consolation, God will be fair!

 The House Special with Egg Udon.

No frills bowl of noodles. Just udon, one perfectly poached egg, with a sprinkling of spring onion garnish. I like!

TY's cold wakame udon with extra egg. Udon in cold broth with seaweed and sawi lol. The secret is in their handmade udon me thinks! It's so simple and yet satisfying.

There are many ways you can vary your bowl of udon. Hot or cold, with a variety of curry udon, 'cha cheong' style, or you could opt for additional toppings like egg, kakiage, wakame and prawn tempura, just to name a few.

 Ebi tempura and kakiage.

I really liked their ebi tempura, though I find their kakiage (a variety of shredded vegetables deep fried in tempura batter) a tad oily.

 Japanese green tea in a Danish beer mug. Their tea tastes very diluted! But at RM1 with free refills, it's ok la.

 When we first ordered, I was a tad concerned that the small serving may not just quite cut it to fill us up (especially that glutton TY). Well guess what? We were stuffed by the time we're done! The udon noodles were handmade by the shop owners and they felt really dense. Sanuki Udon sells these handmade udon by the bulk too.

 As soon as TY was seated, he took a brief glance at the menu and exclaimed "Gizzard!" like an overexcited 12-year-old kid about to receive his first bicycle. Yakitori is served only after 5:30pm and is available in two different types, salted or light soy sauce.

We ordered the shiitake mushrooms, momo (translated leg meat rofl but it's really just chicken meat), zuri (gizzard -.- ) and hatsu (chicken heart... gross). The mushroom is only RM2 per stick, which I think is super affordable. Anyway, I tried the chicken heart... to my surprise, it was really good! It's sort of caramelised on the outside and slightly chewy.... yum yum but the thought of all those spare parts and uric acid content stopped me from ordering more. lol.

The dining area is a tad warm and stuffy. There is no air-conditioning, just ceiling fan/wall fan. But as famous as it is, I liked how the place is still very humble in its appearance. No showy interior or fancy decor. Just good quality udon.

Sanuki Udon
No.9, Jalan Bukit Desa 5
Taman Bukit Desa
58100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-7980 3704

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