Mum's Favourite Chu Char

I'd just landed in Penang, close to lunch time and I was thinking of visiting this favourite 'chu char' haunt of mine while I was a student in uni, but Mum had other plans *grumble grumble

So, instead of settling for something quick, we drove all the way to Jelutong. But it was a nice path taken down memory lane, I'd almost forgotten about this place that my family used to frequent whenever we visit Penang.

 We used to come in here along with a line of generation... hehe.... Ah Kong, Ah Ma, Sien Ee, etc. This place was established since 1985 (gasp! as old as I am!) and it's great that it's still going strong. Even as we ate, there was this group of senior citizens ambling/limping/shuffling in for lunch kekekeke.

 Stir fried sambal kangkong. 

 Eam Huat's signature dish- bayam (or spinach) braised in soup with salted egg, century egg, little anchovies and a generous dose of garlic. Salivate. Very sweet.

 Another signature dish - deep fried kuchai (Chinese chives) fritters with Thai chilli sauce dip. Deep fried food is always good :D

 I think this is called garlic chicken. Caramelised chicken with more generous portions of garlic.

 Cleaned up!

 What can I say, a great welcoming meal hehehe. Great place for lunch if you're bored with the usual hawker fare. I'm definitely coming back whenever I get the chance to.

Eam Huat Restaurant
352, Jelutong Road,
11600 Georgetown

Tel: 604-2815969
Tel: 604-2817068

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