Chapter 4: Kiasuland

Long hiatus from blogging, but there's a perfectly good reason for doing so! It's been almost one week of relocation!

Prior to moving across the causeway, I was fearful of adapting to a more hectic lifestyle, doubtful of my ability to cope with work, not to mention possible work and peer pressure!

Ah well, there's pros and cons everywhere you go I suppose.

All my belongings squeezed into a large luggage. The morning of my flight, I was already up at 6am, had a final meal of toast and cham peng with PCC and she dropped me off at KLIA.

My luggage went beyond the baggage allowance by more than 4 kg! But luck was on my side, when I checked in, the staff didn't even bothered to weigh my things! Yeah :D If she had, and they were strict about the luggage weight, then that would damage my pocket by SGD40 :S

Leaving the city (that I won't exactly call home) where I spent close to three years in.

Arrived in one single healthy piece, with all luggage safe and sound, thank goodness. MCC and IKK graciously picked me up at the airport, and transported me back to their place where I konked out for almost 2 hours.

But what's even more interesting is the hotel room!

I love that corner next to the TV where you can lounge and sip coffee, read a book, even. I'm really going to miss this luxury :(

Sun deck sits on the edge of the pool itself! I only have a couple of weeks to enjoy this place though :( Hotel's great, sits right next to the MRT, breakfast is huge, has a pool and gym, both of which I sorely need... sigh. But strangely though, the carpet on the hallway leading to the hotel room kinda smells! Ok, but let's not go there....

And guess what we had on my second night? Very authentic Penang food!

Hokkien mee. I think this was between $6-9. But it was reallllyyyy good... It tastes really authentic, best of all. Yeay got place to go d whenever homesick.

They also have laksa, nasi lemak, char koay teow. But my fave is still the hokkien mee. Then CKT not really that special, but no complaints though.

Okies, will try to update more once I have the time!

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  1. YAY! Finally out of backward country and from here the only way to go is up :)

  2. Yeah! But work is busy n tough.... so unlike the laidback KL style I am so used to... :(


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