Stinky Beans Love Chart

It's been a week of good food, comfort food and some food that eventually speed-tracked me into a few days of tissue-blowing  and raw red nose.

(Blogging while drinking guai lin gou - some herbal jelly tea, sort of like cincau, but slightly bitter and supposed to reduce heatiness)

 My love for petai is like an inverse-relationship curve with the length of time abstained. So when MY was close to my workplace, I suggested Madam Kwan (now, seriously, I have never suggested Madam Kwan for any eat-out before. I find it overpriced with very average food, you could get way better ones back home, but then again, nothing beats home-cooked food).

It's the dry sort of sambal petai, the type that I preferred, but of course lacking in a few key ingredients ;) But it was otherwise good enough for me to re-set that little craving graph. It had a few (five, to be exact) large de-shelled prawns and finely chopped chillies in it. Not spicy at all, but then again, sambal petai isn't supposed to be the mega spicy type (at least, for me). But thank god it didn't have cuttlefish pieces in it. I find that those are usually the bane of good sambal petai.

 Courtesy of MY's request - fried chicken wings. Greasy, yummy and sinful :D

 One of my fave dishes, stir fried mix vegetables lotus root! With celery, carrots, sliced lotus root, snap peas and cashew nut. This is one of those dishes that I gotta learn. Love the flavours and crunchy texture.

Look at her eat ... :D

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