Emerald Isle Revisited: The Missing Crab Salad

Weather hasn't been kind this trip. Had a couple of days with crap weather and thus stayed indoors, or just going to the cinema. Once it starts raining here, it goes on and on... and on... and on...  . It's quite depressing, really. Especially when you have low hanging dark clouds all day long. All you want to do is snuggle in the duvet and hibernate .

On one of those lucky days when the sun did come out to take a peek, we immediately hopped into the car and zipped out. (But it's still freezing cold, ok).

Choo choo train.

This time, we find ourselves in Killarney again, where I discovered my love for crab salad.

Took a walk at the park before chomp chomp. Saw this herd of wild deer. Last time I've encountered anything like this was in the small village of Watford City, North Dakota. Read the century-old post here, lol.

Remember this cathedral? In my last post, I only took it in passing, while in the car. But yay this time I get to go in! And this, I believe, is the first time I'd stepped foot into a cathedral .

I love glass painting. They add such a nice, cheery feel, anywhere.

Beautiful weather outside... but do not be deceived. I have travelled far and wide, in pursuit of my favourite crab salad. Imagine my horror when I was nonchalantly informed by the shop that they ran out of crabs. With an over-the-shoulder-sorry. 


Almost died when I received the bad news...

So I ordered this seafood chowder instead..... 

To be fair, the seafood chowder is really, really good too. But I wanted crab salad! I was very close to throwing a tantrum right in the restaurant but thought the better of it (jaga muka) hehehe. The seafood chowder has the whole of the Atlantic Ocean's contents in there, scallops, salmon, crab meat, etc. Generous piling and very yummy, especially with their own brown bread.

Dinner on the last night I was in Tralee! Back to the Quinlan's for some good ol' fish n chips. Can never get enough of these babies.

The batter as crispy and divine as I remembered it. Soft and fluffy cod on the inside. Tartar sauce and malt vinegar-drenched potato cut fries, are the perfect companions. Sigh.

Can I please go back? :(

K that's all, thanks for reading. Bai.


  1. I don't think I've ever seen wild deer lepakking like that. So nice. I've only seen solo ones walk here walk there.

    The fish and chips looked overgoldenly fried hehe I love chowder! We had the best clam chowder and seafood bisque at Seattle. Next time, I plan to go straight to the source - Maine for my seafood/lobster fix!

    hahaha blast to the past at Watford City... at least no more frozen food meals for you ;)

  2. Maybe it was the editing that made the fish batter looks that way. But it was nevertheless superbly good. I like chowder too but I like the crab salad even MOAR! Waiting for you to blog about your trips, asap.

    Tunngu adik to Maine ok hehehehe.

    Yeah... frozen meals and frozen outdoors are of the past... Still have trouble believing I survived all that...


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