Emerald Isle Revisited: A Stroll, and A Bite (OK, more than a bite)

I'm quite excited to blog about one of my favourite places, just because of all the beautiful pictures I've got!!

Been lucky with the travelling. I was in Crawley again for another course - did not explore the place this time though; unless you count the town's only mall. I suppose I'd done the grand tour of Crawley. Let's see... London, Brighton Beach.... aaaand that's about it.

First shot - first day of arrival in the UK and decided I was too tired to head out for dinner so I ordered a room service instead .

The hotel's fish and chips were unbelievably good (despite the depressing hallways and colours of the hotel) - Take a good hard look at the mushed peas and you might just agree! Lovely shade of green - not like the horrible Harrod's ones, brownish green those are. And zen washed down with a glass of orange juice. I love my company :D

Autumn is coming and look what I found on the walk to work! Blackberries and raspberries sprouting all over the side of the pavements. Un.believable... And here we are, living in the South East Asia and paying $5 for a small box of these berries. While they're growing all over like weeds here. I plucked a few and they tasted very sweet and juicy! Why T_T

So, yea.... KERRY, I'VE MISSED YOU!!

Le spread de breakfastze la jour une .

I'll say this, I'm getting rather spoilt and accustomed to the beautiful and delicious food here . Perfectly toasted brown bread, grilled tomatoes, fried sausages and egg, two mouth-watering slices of black pudding (love them to bits) and the attention stealer fried back bacon. 

I love topping my egg onto buttered toast - the combination of the slightly runny yolk and bouncy-soft whites mixed with the crrrrunchy toast is out of this world. The slightly darkened sausage dipped in a wee bit of ketchup and in between chews, a bite of black pudding with a tear of back bacon. Washed down with a cup of flat white. Mmmm....

On the way back, we stopped by at the market for some cheese and berries . The market set up here is for local farmers and growers to sell their produce. We saw some delicious looking crepes but decided the breakfast has taken all of the space. Maybe next time.

A ceremony of cheeses. 

1 - It was a beautiful and perfect first day in Ireland! But the grand weather did not last long... meh.
2/3 Stroll on the Rose of Tralee park after the heartily stuffed meal.
4 - Flake 99 again on the go!

And we are on our way to Glanteenassig again! One of my favourite places in the world ... 

Family of fungus and little ones dotted here and there . I personally prefer the three shots on the right, especially the big shroom sheltering the smaller one .

Which way is up, which way is down?

The forest and the lake is breathtaking as always. We are very lucky to have this beautiful weather!  But it was also increasingly chilly. The last time I was here, I was clad in a skimpy top and shorts. This trip I was fully covered, leggings, and a windbreaker. I've always enjoyed an overcast, gloomy sort of days, but now I finally understood why it's such a big deal when you get some sun out here. The days are much beautiful in the summer, temperature is cool and the sun helps you to keep warm.

I tried persuading Anthony to have a picnic but it didn't work out. Not that I'm complaining because we then left for Castlegregory (no castles here, Anthony said) and the food is a-ma-zing!

Autumn is here 

(You probably find it annoying with the sudden overflowing use of emojis but I really think they're quite cute. And addictive to include hehe).

Castlegregory - where surfs are up and aplenty. Should have gotten some surfing lessons but it was too chilly to even consider a dip!

But we were more interested in what's opposite the coast.

Oh my, oh my. What gorgeous, absolutely fresh food served by Spillane's!

Clockwise from 5 o'clock - Appetiser of a baked crab in cream sauce. Omg the cream sauce was oh so good. We finished every last trickle of it lol. And don't get me started on the crabmeat...

Anthony's main of baked cod. It was beautifully done. I love how Spillane's had the fish covered in sesame and something else (lol) to give it a crispy outer crust. Perfect for people like me who do not like their fish soft and squishy.

And my main - the Jimbalaya seafood with rice. WOW. I've never quite tasted anything like it before. It's a little like paella, only much, much better! Scallops, crab meat, mussels, prawns, snap peas and that humongrous crayfish, married together in one vibrant plate.  Bliss. Needless to say the everything was fresh and juicy. It felt like a crime that I did not manage to finish it.... It was quite a big portion, in my defense!

So this is what falling in love feel like nom nom nom nom.


  1. Syoknye -- I love free blackberries! Can smuggle some back and sell in SG? keke I also like the bulat bulat mushroom bottom right pic so cute
    Love all the food pics, so next time when we visit UK, you can be our tour guide already kan?

    1. Oh can you grow them in your garden then? Didn't do any smuggling hehehe, don't know how safe the tepi jalan blackberries are in large consumption, lol. And yes, I love the shapes and colours of the mushrooms here!

      I can bring you to some places lah, but I was lucky in Ireland to have a private tour guide lol. UK is also nice but I'd avoid the cities!


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