Entry # 102

Ok la, to be fair 102 is a bit too late to exclaim and celebrate hahahahha, I just noticed that on my dashboard on my total # of posts.

My very first post was titled "Chapter 1" on March 20th 2007. It's a bit like a double whammy thing, my blog's 2 years old and has exceeded 100 posts. Lol.

Which means I blogged an average of 50 posts a year.

Which is less than a post a week. Hmmm, not bad considering the fact that I sometimes neglect my blog for an amount of time before finally realizing I do have something that I want to record on my blog recorder :p

Erm, so, yea, YAY! Congratulations on my intelligence and interesting personality that I managed to keep this blog alive and well.

By the way, if you every drop by, do leave a comment. I only recently unblock my blog settings for authorized readers, so I need to know if anyone is stalking me, thank you very much.


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