The Irish Luck: Postcard Perfect Glanteenassig

This post is supposed to be a continuation from the previous one, but there's too many pictures in this and the previous one, so I thought I'd better create a separate post just because this is by far, the most beautiful place I've ever been! :D

From the beach of Dingle (ok, I was recently corrected that it's in fact called Gowlane), it's only some 15 minutes' drive to the Glanteenassig park. I was already in awe of the view before I  had even witnessed the grand view.

Warm up shot to the grand view....

A vast lake, surrounded by majestic mountains and picturesque pines. This is just like a shot from a postcard! 

First view of the lake from the parking area.

More moss please :P

It was even Anthony's first time there and we were both equally impressed with the walkway facility that is designed around the circumference of the lake. It makes walking around so much more convenient, not to mention safe as well for children, and also for people like me wearing just sandals :)

It's quite a massive lake and you'll need some 30-40 minutes to complete the walk at leisure. Anthony got annoyed when I stopped for way too many photographs (in his opinion, anyway) every few minutes. But that's because each turn brings another breathtaking view! Of which I must capture ALL!!!

Spotted a man fishing and apparently there's quite a number of rainbow trout in the lake, you will also require a fishing permit to do so.

Another one of my fave.

Stream trail :)

Typing  these captions while confined in the bowels of a ship is not ideal. I'd do anything to be in that picture right now, having a picnic of crab salad, or even fish and chips! :( (btw just had a sad meal of rice, greasy chicken and overcooked brussel sprouts - because the sprouts were the only green thing we have at the moment...sigh... ).

I pwetty not

If you're not, by now, impressed by Glanteenassig, then something is definitely wrong with you.

Bulk of my photos are taken here, but I've only posted some of my favourite ones. Otherwise I will be tempted to flood this post with more pictures. 

This was taken at a pub just minutes' walk away from Anthony's place. More of a quiet, neighbourhood kind of pub. Collected another beer cap this trip! Some crisps and Bulmers Irish ale for me and Guinness for him.

Speaking of crisps, I have fallen in love with these:

When Anthony first bought them for me (at a petrol station, just after I'd touched down on Cork), I was skeptical (being pro-health and all y'know :D ) and just not keen to have them. But I eventually did, and after that, I got another large bag which was all gone within the time I was there, and then another one to bring back home hehehehe.

One of the things I'd wanted to try in Ireland was a full Irish breakfast. And so I politely relayed this message to Anthony and on my last full day in Ireland, we went for a full Irish fry up. We were supposed to try them out at the House Roast but because we arrived after 12 (cos he had a doc's appointment pfft), we missed breakfast time and so walked a couple of blocks away to another shop.

Complete with toast, bacon, sausages, eggs, baked beans (we both opted that out), tomatoes and black and white pudding. I've seen pictures of a 'full Irish breakfast' on flyers, pictures and all, and have always wondered what these black and white puddings are. The si kui wouldn't tell me, but instead asked me to try them first. 

Turns out the black pudding is made from pork blood, mixed with barley, bread and cornmeal/oatmeal. then fried White pudding is similar, without the blood, but contains liver, bones and such. It is quite an acquired taste. I don't really fancy it at first, but after a couple more bites, I find it not bad at all.

Drive to Balleiheigue to meet a friend of Anthony's, a garda!

With Mark. Garda is police in Ireland. I love how they just patrol around in their bicycles. Great way to keep fit and it is environmentally friendly too. The police here are not allowed to carry firearms, but it's so peaceful around here I doubt they'll ever need one. We later popped into a cafe for coffee and Mark casually 'parks' his bike outside, without locking it. I suppose no one will steal a garda's bicycle? :/

More cattle .... :)

Last dinner in Ireland (for that trip!) at Tankard.

My crabmeat bake starter. It was very good but it filled me more than halfway through! Made with crabmeat and avocado, with some cream I presume, then baked. Needless to say, crabmeat was very yummy :)

Moving on to the main course. Seafood tagliatelle - TONS of fish, more crab meat, scallops... extreme seafoody goodness. But I am ashamed to admit that I did not manage to finish this one, only eaten half of it. I was really stuffed by the appetiser! Didn't help that our good friend here ordered tater wedges and mushroom side dish! (lol ok, mushroom side was my idea cos I am crazy over mushrooms, and the wedges were oh-so-good!).

Post-dinner sunset walk at the pier.....

And that wraps up my Irish adventure.... :)

Aerial view of the emerald isle, definitely in my list of favourite places now :)

Out of the cool, calm, green countryside and emerged from the steel bird to a dusty, crowded, hot and chaotic London. Up next!


  1. Waaaa waaaa waaaa waaaa waaaaaaaa so green I love the pine trees! Some more the grass so fluffy like can roll around on it hehe The sceneries are amazing but it looked chilly! But judging from your clothing and foot attire, it must not have been that cold... The stream and most especially the lake looked so serene and best of all nobody in sight! Why? The water there must be so clean and probably safe to drink?

    I envy you - I love seafood and they are always best eaten when fresh! The breakfast looked blah but the final dinner looked great. Kesiannye have to reminisce past events while in lockup hehehe

    Did you bring a leprechaun back with you?

  2. Hehehe, I must admit, I do look forward to your comments lol. Yea everything looks so fresh. It can be quite chilly when the sun is out, but if it's nice and sunny, it's a perfect weather for walking around and exploring. I like the lake best because it's large, there are some 10-15 cars at the area, so it's not so crowded or anything like that. I think that's the charm of Glanteenassig. It's probably safe to drink, but I'm not going to try and risk it while on holiday!

    You're right, the breakfast is just meh. The next day we had another fry up at the Cork Airport, and the breakfast there was superb! There was 'real bacon' and everything else, the eggs, puddings, were cooked perfectly. Whereas the one in the pic was quite greasy.

    Interestingly, I did! In a form of a fridge magnet that says 'Luck of the Irish' heheheheh :P


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