September Lapse

Blogging from the ship, after weeks of low quality food due to bad weather (no bunkering)... it's been a long time since I'd seen anything fresh on the tables of the mess room :( My daily meal has now consist of instant noodles, bread, oats, cereal..... Oh how I miss those leafy greens, so much! (I have already placed an order for Su En to cook for me as soon as I touch down to Singapore).

Anyway I am here to report another lapse in my blogging activities.... This break is going to be another busy and hectic one. I will leave it as a surprise but needless to say when I am back onboard, I will have tonnes to blog about and I am looking forward to that! 

A lil spoiler.... I will be heading to a place where it has kindled my love for seafood 
yum yum  So much food I want to indulge myself into when I get off!!!

New places, fresh discoveries, novelty collecting, old friends and lifelong passion 

(If it does not yet strike you, I have found that gmail does have a load of interesting emoticons that I can easily copy and paste to....)

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