Kurseong Premium Buds

I need to clear a truckload backlog of posts. This is going to be a short one on a 1-hour visit to the Darjeeling tea plantation. Mostly pictures, I'm afraid. 

As it was approaching winter and thus off-season, the factory is practically half-closed - they were processing the last batch of tea leaves.

The Makaibari factory has been operating for over 150 years. Most of its equipments and machines are from that era, since the British invasion. I must say, the dark, partially closed sections of the factory does make for an interesting photo op.

Old skool.

Our hamsap tour guide. Cikopek betul! Kept staring without shame. STARE SOME MORE I DIG YOUR EYES OUT!! DOM.

The red tea buds are sold at a premium; they are charged about $20 for a mere 50gm!

K, that's all, bai.

I did say it's a short post, did I not? 


  1. Didn't taste the tea and see what the hype is about? They din offer any sample one ar?

  2. Nah, it was a small factory and also almost shutting off with production as it was off-season. The guy looked like he couldn't wait to finish the tour.


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