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It's after office hours, and here I am blogging in the office :p

I feel like crap, dragging myself to work after a 5-day long satisfying holiday.... So unfair... Wish that I had appreciate my schooling and uni days now. But then again, those days you would have to bring your assignments and revision back, so I suppose, just try to be content with what you have :)

It's close to the end of another year, and believe it or not, almost 3 years I have posted multiple crap onto this blog. Interestingly, each year I have managed to produce an average of 50 posts, well, excluding 2008 where there were only 40 posts but this year has the most number of posts! (uh, yay?)

Food tops the list of blog category lolz. Whereas Around the World has the least :( I think under that section, there's only the States that I have blogged. Never really got to travel around that much these past years.... But then again, that Tag is pretty recent, so it's probably not updated anyway but I don't careeeee.

I think the major difference through this blog is that I've increased posts relating to trips, holidays and makan places. There's a definite curve downwards on Rantings... Not as if I've been a more contented person, but I suppose blogging about something other than that is much more fun and doesn't make me feel any more depressing that I already felt lolz.

Alritey, time to get ready to go to the gym and burn some major fat I've been collecting during my Christmas holidays.

Soon, we'll welcome 2010! Happy new year! :D

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