Spread the Christmas Cheer!

Just to get into the spirit of Christmas, I've taken some shots at home, around and about :)

Cousin sister's very cute hamper gifts.

Don't they look very sweet? :D

End result of the pink roses... Chocolates are still untouched! :p

More random shots and unrelated to post :p

I am in love with the dish above! Kelly cooked this. If I recall correctly, it's a stir fry of black fungus, mushrooms (2 different types there), abalone, shredded oyster, macadamia nuts, Japanese seaweed, onions, oyster sauce, sesame oil and rice wine!

Got to know a book fair/warehouse sale at Summit in Subang Jaya! Sale on books goes up to 70% ! (80% for Chinese books). I was extremely tempted to get all the books my hands laid on, but ... was quite contented in the end to get a book for myself and for my loved ones.

Evan's book on frogs. I first saw a book on snakes and my thoughts were settled on Evan immediately. I called him, asking if he wanted that but he already had the same copy and he requested for one on toads lol. Well sometimes a surprise gift may not always end well. Better ask first.


Stuff to do all around the world before you die... Some were pretty extreme like white-water rafting but there are some great and do-able stuff too like partying at Mardi Gras... Very good quality materials, only RM20 or so.

But I suppose, taking into account the condition of my bank account, this will suffice for now:

Dad's Circular Sudoku!

Have never seen anything like it before, and it looks like it might just be complicated... well add a bit of variety to Dad's mania on Sudoku hehe...

Then of course for me dear :p

Mom's cookbook. I was actually contemplating between a Jamie Oliver cookbook, a French and this Mango Lemon Grass book. Thinking that Mom is most unlikely to bake some outrageous French dish, I got the local, Asian version instead :)


Christmas decorations in The Gardens:

And MidValley Megamall.

Guess who came over to visit? Hehe...


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