Taste of Viet

The youngest of the Chiangs was in KL, parents clueless as to her whereabouts, thinking that she is safely tucked in somewhere in Kampar lol. See, never control and forbid your kids doing things they want. Somehow, one way or another they will find or worm their way out, and worse still, without your knowledge!

Wei En was gracious enough to let me in on the secret lol. But I repaid very unkindly by making things public in this blog hahahhaha, but no worries lar, I doubt the number of my readers even made it to 2 digits :p

Vietnamese Kitchen! (or Little Vietnamese? Geez... I honestly cannot recall...) in Leisure Mall Cheras.

Some sort of Viet noodles with fried spring rolls. En's.

Papaya soup the girls were craving for, because Shan was feeling a bit heaty. Hmm... I wonder if that's just an excuse....

Fresh Viet spring rolls. The taste was just a bit so-so... prefer the one at Tropicana Mall. This one just seems to have one too many tubers in the roll... just kinda spoils the whole taste I think.

Finally my yummy phe! Vegetables are fresh, beef strips are finely sliced and stock tastes good :) Happy happy.

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