East Coast Xmas

Like, teh si overload -_-

Spent 5 days before and after Christmas in the capital state of Pahang. 5 days is just too darn short! Blink twice and it's already time to go back T_T

Anyway, after enduring four hours in the bus (crooked uncomfortable seat, cramped space, windy and bumpy ride filled with the annoying screeching of Malay rock songs) , I think it is just worth the ride to be able to enjoy Christmas with TY's family... along with an abundance of delicious food too hehe.

Breakfast Day 1.

Curry mee at (where ar?). Initially we wanted to go to a different shop, but that one closes quite early and as we are all pretty heavy sleepers, we missed that.

Even this curry mee place also has very few stuff left over lol. Only some deep fried stuff and tofu.

Later had goat cheese for tea. I think this would taste really great with crackers. Aunty said that a roll of this cheese costs around RM40. The goat cheese has a really strong smell, especially on the outer area.

This one has a slightly less strong smell. Smoked ham cheese.

Dinner Day 1:

Loads and loads of veges! Just the way I like it hehehe. Stir fried long beans, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower, pork with ngaku (arrowhead) and lettuce.

Also the most amazingly greasy and crispy pork meat and skin fried with garlic omg.

Afterwards, we (well, more like Aunt herself) proceeded to get the tiramisu going!

The sponge cake that makes up the layers between tiramisu which Aunty has prepared in advance.

Kahlua coffee liquor.

Thus, observe and learn! :p

Wei En badly wanted to spread the coffee liquor on the sponge cake. However, Aunty was a little apprehensive I think and when she was doing the first layer, she purposely counted loudly with each coffee liquor spoonful as Wei En requested to spread herself. Lol.

But last skali she got to do it also lar.

Breakfast Day 2: Christmas Eve.

Had Konlo mee at Pasar (one of Kuantan's biggest wet market) with Kopi-O. It's similar with respect to the wantan mee in Penang, with the difference that (in TY's words:) the noodles are less yellow-y (lacking in what sort of chemical, I do not know) and the noodles are drenched in clear soup instead of the dark sauce that I am accustomed to. Tastes pretty good actually, once you kinda get used to the idea.

Later on we went to buy ingredients for stuff to cook for dinner that night. Mostly ingredients for my ceviche! You may remember this dish that Su Jen has made for me before while I stayed over at her place in LA. It a Mexican dish and tastes really great on its own or as a condiment with tortilla bread or even crackers.

Hao and I working our asses out. It's hard work spreading garlic butter in between each slots of the French loaf ok. This whole time Mr Lazy was upstairs playing a game called Plants vs Zombie I believe lol. (More on that later :p) Oh wait I just remembered, I think he was conveniently cleaning his camera lenses and looking busy when we all needed an extra hand in the kitchen. Typical.

Anyway some of the stuff you see are probably repetitions from previous Xmas :p

A few ingredients for the ceviche.

Aunty's granola chunks and bits that she made herself. I think I will soon have to bend on my knees and beg her to take me in as an apprentice.

Roast taters! Well, these haven't actually gone through the process of roasting yet, but they are almost 50% complete to be called that lol.

Mixed together with rosemary herbs, olive oil, and some seasoning.

Got so many things to cook for Christmas dinner some more Aunty can find time to cook something spectacular for our lunch -_- Respect.

Lai fun. Sprinkled with sesame seeds, roasted peanuts, some salted vegetables and roast pork after drenching the noodles in tau cheo sauce.

And now, I present to you, the Mother of All Feasts!

The bigass roast turkey stuffed with rosemary and bay leaf. Please shift your attention to the golden clear liquid at the bottom of the tray.... greasy... oily... and full of rich goodness T_T. I had to endure the tantalizing aroma from the damn turkey for the whole day, but can only see, cannot eat, cannot touch till dinner time. Temptation!

The green pea soup silently bubbling away ^^ Not my favourite but tastes good nevertheless.

My ceviche! Lol. Ok, admittedly, it looks very much different from Su Jen's version. Like it has more greeneries right? Have to accommodate TY's family mar lol. Also, I'm not very happy with the outcome, I felt like I could've improved it somewhat. If I could do it again, I would add fatter and juicier prawns, the ones we had here were cut a bit too thinly that you couldn't tell there were prawns inside too. And also, it just wasn't spicy enough. I should have put in more chili seeds. But we did compensate by adding Tabasco chili to it though.


And what is a feast without some beer and wine? Chilled to goodness.

Another addition to the feast which Aunty forgot to bring out lol....

Ze 2009 Happy Meal :)

Out comes the cake! Aunty has sprinkled cocoa powder on top to give the cake a most delicious look T_T

The taste? Almost orgasmic lol. I feel like this year's tiramisu is a bit lacking in something lor... The coffee liquor doesn't seem to be soaking enough of the sponge cake. So some parts are kinda dry. I mean, some will probably think that the cream cheese would be 'wet' enough but the tiramisu I've tried the previous time was sooooo good and wet-ish brimming with coffee liquor so this is a bit of a setback.

Not that I'm complaining though!'

Birthday gal Wei En. Uncle Chiang said that every year her birthday party is the most expensive wan lol.

Predator marking its innocent and oblivious to the surrounding victim.

Dinner: Christmas Day (Day 3)

ABC soup cooked with turkey bones T_T Been boiling and cooking for the whole day. The aroma is just so omfgly out of the world. The soup is unbelievably sweet. Love!. Had 2 bowls. Only. That also because almost want to finish d and I don't want to take any more cos pai seh I guest.

Also had soup with a bowl of rice, leftover turkey and gravy, leftover ceviche, PoPo's special pork chop (which she probably makes every year or so) leftover coleslaw and some stir fry greens.

I spent some of the best time in Kuantan fighting zombies off the front lawn and back yard and roof.


Dinner: Boxing Day

Hao wanted to make spaghetti (or was it TY or Wei En?) and I suggested meatballs... so....

...we have two guys, one with the grossest butt crack and the other probably will soon follow his foot steps? I darn hope not. The world already had enough sufferings to begin with.

TY's chopped pork meat (with uneven sizes :p) marinated with minced onions and garlic, thick dark sauce, pepper and finely chopped carrots.


Spirals and bow-ties.

Wei En and Wei Shan so schweet gave me a birthday present. And I'm such a meanie didn't get anything for them. Not that I didn't want to... but I just couldn't find anything nice to get for them...

Then, all too soon, it's already time to head back sob sob... How I wish that I don't have to ever dread the end of the holidays and the return to work. If only I have a home in KL that I look forward to go back to after a hard day's work....

Breakfast in Taman Tas just before my return to the concrete jungle.

Before I forget.... Chiang Teen Yuen!! You owe me like, one hundred massages already ok please. If I add in interest you'll soon not have a single night free d.

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