Turning 24

TY got himself a bus ticket down to KL (finally) just after my company's annual dinner. He's here to celebrate my birthday yay! Well, technically he has to cos he already ffk-ed n times...

Opening my Christmas gift for him:

I also demanded my birthday gift from him, and he replied, 'I bought the flowers very expensive then pokai d..' Well, thank you... the flowers were very sweet but now all dried up d :(

I got up early on the eve of birthday and cooked a huge brunch. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures! Guess I'll just have to wait for TY to transfer the pics over... Anyways there were greasy bacon, oily sausages, scrambled eggs, french beans and broccoli... oh and baked beans too.

Then off to the Gardens for a bit of shopping (TY did the shopping... how come it's all about him? hurmph). Had some kuehs at this Nonya shop.

C/w from bottom: kuih talam, seri muka durian, kuih tai tai and sago ubi.

Had a quiet but filling birthday celebration at Chili's! We had a long and winded discussion on where to have dinner. Torn between Italiannies and Chili's but TY wanted Chili's, so...

They had this birthday promo of sundae brownies but only valid on the birthday itself! :(

TY's alcoholic fix... mango margarita.

As opposed to my healthier option, tomato juice :D

For starters! We had Southwestern Eggrolls. Has smoked chicken, black beans, corn, jalapeno Jack cheese, red peppers and spinach wrapped in tortilla. Truly Tex-Mex... comes with an avocado ranch dipping sauce.

Deep fried, the tortilla is very crispy without being too oily so. I liked the dipping sauce especially.

My main nom nom nom :D

Cant really recall what it's called exactly but it's something like Steak Rack. 8 ounces of meat grilled medium rare with onions and red/green peppers underneath served with mashed potaoes and vegetables.

It was so yummmmmm.............. sigh..

Notice that the meat above is not really the same as the one I have cut up! lol. The first time my main arrived, they had my steak completely done! It was no wonder that when I tried to cut the meat feels like tearing through rubber nia... So we called the waiter and he took my plate and got my another piece of steak (after 10-15 minutes wait, though they assured it was only going to be about 7mins).

When the meat arrived, it was then a bit too raw for my liking -_-

But nevertheless I worked my way slowly through the meat until there was this portion that was almost raw... It was then that we got into the topic of de-worming. TY asked if I had been de-wormed lately and I replied that it must have been a decade or so since that. He gave me a solemn warning about having worms in my stomach and intestines. I was completely grossed out by images of worms crawling inside me ... not wanting to risk food poisoning and days of diarrhoea or vomitting, again, we called the waiter to get the meat cooked just a li'l bit more.... poor guy who had to serve us lol.

TY's main.... Fajita Trio.

Has grilled steak, marinated grilled chicken and spicy garlic and lime grilled prawns. Served with onions and bell peppers. Also comes with the typical condiments of lettuce, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and cubed tomatoes.

It really is yum! I liked the grill sauce best... I also liked the fact that you get to taste the best of the 3 worlds of steak, chicken and seafood :p

Zoom zoom to goodness :D

My favourite pic of the night... :)

Officially 24! Wise is my middle name.


  1. so sweet! at least someone traveled to celebrate your birthday right! the food looks good.


  2. Yalohhh... at least got someone willing to travel down all the way from Penang (although Singapore also quite near).... The food is very yummy yummy yummmzzz Hungry thinking about it :D

  3. Btw hor... i realized I look so fair compared to the Indian ...


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