Turning 24 Again

Sort of like a advert before the main show begins, let me share with you a few more posts of what Kelly cooked a couple of days ago hehe....

It's some mushroom thingy with assorted vegetables which Kelly has cooked before and that I have expressed my love for it in this post. This dish sort of differs a little from the one I love because Kelly has missed out the Japanese seaweed and the macadamia nuts :(

And this is also gooooood! Pork meatballs from minced meat, onions, carrots deep fried to a golden brown perfection served with fried sliced taters and mushed green peas.

The girls were gracious enough to hold a belated birthday celebration because most of them were busy the week before. So Mei Ying, Grace and I agreed to meet up in Pavilion, get a bit of shopping done and then meet the rest at Lecka Lecka.

The Christmas decorations in Pavilion is awesome. Completely over the top, but in a good way. Red carpet greets shoppers from the main entrance all the way down to the grand stage set up with four magnificent Christmas trees. By the way, do you know that the main entrance of Pavilion is designed in such a way that heavily incorporates feng shui? From the main door, the stairs slopes downwards into a large concourse. It is supposed to 'collect' all the good luck and money apparently.

We later got to 'enjoy' the fake snow. Made of foam, they do actually look a bit like snow flakes as they drift their way slowly downwards. If only the foam do not have this unpleasant fumes coming out of it and if the surroundings were a bit cooler then I'm sure it would be fun lol.

The exterior decorations are pretty nice too, reindeers pulling on a sleigh...

My virgin dining experience at Lecka Lecka. Apparently there are about 10 outlets around KL but only this one here at Bukit Bintang is actually a restaurant. The others only offer ice-cream. The restaurant has a nice open-air seating (wonder how do they survive on rainy days?) and it is cool to dine in the hustle and bustle of a city.

Lecka Lecka is also the only place that offers Egyptian shisha although we didn't try that. Tze Imm said that it's much too expensive (RM35) when elsewhere they offered around RM15. Well maybe that's local? But there is one ring of truth in what Tze Imm said though... most of the items here seem to be overpriced. I guess we're largely paying for the ambience and location then.

One thing to note is that we girls are just a bit too demanding lol. So. Mr CTY, you can't blame me for complaining/demanding too much since these people have already been influencing me since I was still young and naive.

First, we settled ourselves down on this comfortable seats but the table was way too small for a group of 5. It could only sit 4 unless another chair is pulled up at the side, but even so whoever so unfortunate to sit on that would be very uncomfortable because there just isn't any leg room.


We requested for another table and the waitress (who can only seem to understand Malay. Has difficulty when we try to converse with her in English) directed us to another seating area which has a sofa-like seats but the table was a bit too low to dine on. We brought this up to the waitress, so she suggested we take the normal table-chair seating around the middle of the place. Just as the waiters were moving two tables together to join them up we decided we want to sit somewhere near the entrance because the table they were going to give us has a bit of a sad view, can see cars passing by and that's it. lol. After that we didn't complain already la. About the seating arrangement that is. Oh wait, we did. Because some chairs have cushions and some don't. But we only commented that among ourselves, we dare not ask the waitress to bring us cushions lolz.

Sin Dee and Tze Imm arrived later, close to 8:30pm and we proceeded to order our meals and drinks. Beer, baby!

I dunno why but I just like this picture. Brings out the nice background and color. Sin Dee looks very nicely tanned!

We had this atrociously priced salad for starters: Avocado salad served with lettuce, red lettuce, slices of tomatoes, and cheese. For a freaking RM20 or something like that.

Seafood Spaghetti Aglio & Olio for a taste of pasta. It's just so-so. A wee bit oily but plentiful of sea creatures to keep us happy. This simple paste is made up of tiger prawns, mussels, white squid, fish and clams.

Lecka Freeze both Gracie and I shared. Has mango, orange sorbet and I cant remember what else. Again, nothing special to keep in our memories... Bit bitter too which Grace reckons probably from the orange peel.

And pizza! It has a long and strange name which I did not bother to memorize. Has turkey ham, and all other typical makings of a pizza. This is my favorite of the evening though I completely forgot to take picture of the whole plate! I was already halfway through my slice when Mei Ying asked whether I had remembered taking the pictures lol. Then only I fumbled with my camera, take a hasty shot and returned to eating.

Moroccan Lamb. Again, I did not fancy this much.... To tell you the truth, I can't remember what it tastes like so it must have been something not worth remembering :)

Mei Ying's Lecka Cooler (cranberry, orange, lime and mint)

First group shot before Yee Ker arrives. The girls are always cracking jokes with the innocent waiter about pressing the camera button "harder and longer" LMAO.

And then comes the highlight of the dinner! Yummmzzz... Allow me to present to you, the Sizzling Chocolate Brownie!

This is one of the best brownies I've ever tasted... We asked for an extra scoop of chocolate ice-cream and they are served on a hot plate where the waiter later tipped a small pot of boiling thick, hot chocolate over our cold and unassuming brownie and cream. I only just managed to get this shot hahahha and Mei Ying actually asked the waiter to pour slowly lol.

A toast to great friends :) Still can't get over how the pictures turned out so nice with the great background.

Whoever took this picture must have moved my camera before the image is settled down... but I liked the way the shot turned out! Made Imm look a bit like a devil in disguise :p

Cracking some lame jokes again lolz. Lucky we 3 at the back can maintain our coolness.

Then we proceeded to beh pai seh-ly taking pictures with every single decorative structure Pavilion has painstakingly put up. Beh pai seh take pictures with the trees like we own the place nevermind, some more got nerve to ask every single passerby to take pictures for us. Count the number of strangers who we managed to persuade them to capture our vain selves on camera:

At this point I started to feel like the passer-bys are giving us a wide berth, scared later they become victim to our vanity lol.

After pictures we went to Zouk and the songs played there are pretty good! My kinda place :D

The sweet girls didn't stop at dinner.... they also gave me a present! So gam dong..... T_T

I love them! Love the girls even more so! Don't be surprised hor if my skin suddenly become silky soft ;)

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