Chicken Chop @ Yut Kee

Brunch with Ian's close friends. Kean Choon and wife, Mee Sun (funny couple lol) recommended a shop which serves chicken chop. They then launched into this High Definition description of the Roti Babi that Yut Kee serves. The rest of us flooded the back seats with saliva.

The shop has been opened since 1928 (Ah Ma must be around 1 year old then?) (!!). They serve authentic Hainanese fare and the shops just brings you back in time with its dark wooden furniture and tiled floors.

Be warned that queues are long especially when the sun approaches its highest point in the sky. We had to wait for 15minutes before being able to get ourselves a table. But fret not because your order will be taken while you are in queue which ensures that your food is served as soon as you are seated.

With so much time to kill, we took advantage of the KL Tower view :p

Rule number one of makan spots hunting is to look out for a full house. Never can go wrong. Well unless there's only one restaurant for miles la.

Hail the vintage Hainanese recipe of the chicken chop.

The presentation is so simple yet the taste rendered all that unnecessary. Chicken chop dipped in flour batter and fried till brown. What I love is their generous serving of dark brown gravy. It is a bit watery but nevertheless the roast potatoes, onions and mixed peas thrown carelessly around the chop is enough to please me. It's the complete home made meal. (No doubt Mom's tasted better ;p)

They also serve pork chops, served the same style but maybe that will be for another day ;)

Then our sacred Roti Babi.

Deep fried bread stuffed with pork meat, onions and spices. I find that after the chicken chop, I couldn't enjoy this very much. Probably an overload of meat just doesn't cut it. But maybe if I was just a little hungry then I would appreciate it more.... That might just be the perfect excuse to get back to Yut Kee again.

A dash of Lea & Perrin's worchestershire sauce on the Roti Babi can make even the most devout of Muslims drool ;)

And finally Toasted Bread with Kaya and Buter.

I kinda like these. Not entirely sure what makes this toast so interesting. Maybe I am just a fan of toasts. The kaya isn't that impressive, both taste and texture wise. Though I did bought back a bottle of them hehe. Nothing beats home made kaya mah.


Tuck into meaty chops at Yut Kee

35, Jalan Dang Wangi,
50100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact number: 03-2698 8108
Closes every Monday.

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