Tuning in to the Teochew Side of Me

After an early morning session hiking up Penang Hill (then cheated by taking the jeep down from the peak), Evan brought us all to a Teochew shop called Wong Chau Jun in Rangoon Road.

Apparently the shop gets a full crowd close to lunch time. When we were there, it was only about 11am. Evan did the ordering lol.

Apologies beforehand for the crappy quality photos lol. Completely left my camera behind and had the pictures taken with the iPhone.

First up is the Wong Chau Jun special.

First dish nia but I'm already impressed! Essentially, vermicelli in fish paste soup. But the best part is the broth! Flavored with a lemongrass and tomatoes that lend a tangy burst with every sip! Hehe... also got my favorite addition to the broth - cilantro :D and small cili padis.

Sweet and sour spare ribs.

Then finally the Steamed Fish Slice Hor Fun. Loads of sliced ginger in soy sauce. Tambah

This one is also not bad... accompany them with chopped small green chilis is perfection.

Btw, I did a quick search on Google and the restaurant has apparently been featured on 8TV's Ho Chak. It's worth coming over especially for the WCJ Special (neh, the ones with lemongrass and chilis and cilantro :D)

Wong Chau Jun Restaurant
73, Rangoon Road,
10400 Penang

Phone : 012-555 9046


  1. oOoO....haven blog bout nasi padang yet!

  2. Hmmm... that's really weird. I thought I had blogged about it but then I can't somehow find the post. I think the pictures are all gone already when Boy reformatted the computer...

  3. nvm, this friday i go nasi padang and help u take picture!

  4. Nooooooooooooooooo!! I also want to go T__T How can I blog about it if I'm not there huh!

  5. I go with Evan then I ask him tell story loh

  6. Lol. Then like have a guest blogger la izzit. Ok la :p


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