Hot Broth and Cold Jellies

Right. My posts are all jumbled up but let's just start wherever I dug the photos out first shall we?

A quick post as I am not feeling very well, haven't been getting enough sleep these few days and looking like a witch day by day.

Early morning went for a swim with a few other lifeguards in KL and after some intense debate on where to replace our burnt calories, we decided to go to a char siew fan place. Due to our utmost good fortune, the place was closed and Lye Siong recommended a fish head noodle stall that he usually frequent in USJ.

Wasn't easy to find the place! Tucked way inside a nest of residential flats, this is a gem yet to be found.

First we ordered Crispy Fish Fillet.

My god! It's an absolute heaven! The fish fillets (or golden snapper) are fried to a golden perfection, crispy on the outside minus the overwhelming batter, and oh so soft fillet on the inside. Unfortunately, the only dip that Mr Mak the owner can provide is some ketchup in packets. Now, if only I can swap those helpless chili packets with spicy Thai chili sauce. Huar.

I think I can settle two large plates of these.

Then the fish noodles. I did not get the fish head because I am completely hopeless with that part of the fish. So it's just vermicelli and fish fillets.

Hmm... not bad, not bad from the looks of it. The fish fillets are essentially the crispy ones we had for appetizer. The broth is the milky sort (to be frank, I only experience milky soup broth here in KL. Never encountered those up North. Well, none that I can think of) and has tomato cutlets tofu and the occasional vegetable.

There is this other option of noodles which is the seafood noodles that Kevin and Lye Siong ordered. I tried it and Lye Siong also verified that he prefers the milky broth so I decided not to post that one up :p

The seafood noodles has practically every sort of seafood species you can think of. Cuttlefish, lala, squid, fish balls, prawns, you name it.

For sure I would come again just for the crispy fish fillets but I damn sure will need directions there lol.

As it was a darn freaking hot day, LS once again rose up to the occasion and brought us to this shop for desserts.

Snowflake offers Taiwanese desserts, namely jellies and is somewhere near iNTi college (sorry, can't remember which ones are the small i or capital. Don't know, don't care). It's situated on the first floor of a row of shophouses. The place is already packed when we went in around 2pm. Thanks to Snowflake's air-conditioning lol.

We had a lot of fun picking out flavors from the wide range of desserts. We first tried the Sea Amber Jelly, which is like the month's special or something.

The sea coconut jelly reminds me of the bitter tea sort of jelly that Inn Jie used to make rofl. Eh but it's good nevertheless. With it comes the bubble tea pearl and shaved ice underneath.

Then the Snowflake Bestseller.

Grass Jelly + Grass Jelly Ice + Taroballs + Creamer

I liked the grass jelly on the Bestseller but I think the taroballs are gross. I can't quite describe what they taste like but it's definitely not fresh taro. I think they kinda mix taro with loads of flour and most definitely added some coloring with it too.

I did mention the creamer right.

Worth for the grass jelly, nothing more, nothing less.

Last one (I really should go to bed): Another one of the grass jelly series, Green Bean + Lotus Seed + Pearl

Least favorite lol. The green bean does add texture to the grass jelly and shaved ice but with the addition of the lotus seeds, it all seems a bit too much. I love the Sea Amber the most, though I'm not entirely sure if it's only available on that month, or permanently.

All these Taiwanese food really make me miss Taiwan... Look forward to a restaurant blog post I shall come out with soon enough! ;) - as soon as I can find time...

Find Que Up at
Subang Perdana Court 2,
UEP Subang Jaya.


Snowflake at
No.61A, First Floor,
Jalan SS15/8A,
47500 Subang Jaya,

And off to bed I go :)

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