Fong Lye Taiwanese Fare

I badly wanted to bring Ming Chi Chi and Ian to try out durian pork ribs at Aunties Ssam place but for some reason when we tried looking for the restaurant, we could not seem to find it! At first I blamed my poor sense of directions (though I can recognize parts of the road). I googled for the phone number on my phone and tried calling their number.

"Nombor yang anda dail telah ditamatkan perkhidmatannya." wtf? So sad.... wanted to bring Mom and Dad here to try their durian pork ribs.... oh well... sigh.

So Ian drove us over to this Taiwanese Restaurant that he frequents whenever he is in KL.

So! The place was already pretty full once we got there. Lucky for us, we only need to wait for around 5 minutes. Ian said that the branch in Jalan Imbi has a slightly shorter wait as compared to the branch in Mid Valley. You could sometimes wait up to half an hour.

The menu is not exactly extensive but we had Ian to order some of his favorites. First we were served with condiments - great start to tickle our taste buds. Ok, as I did not memorize the names of the dishes, I'm just going to try my best to describe them and call them whatever I want. Lol.

Left is this curious dish - reminds me of Thai salad. A mixture of onions, bittergourd (which is pleasantly not bitter at all), strips of black fungus in a slightly sour, spicy sauce. I loved it! Then on the right is the deep fried salted prawn.

Fong Lye has the cutest teapot girl.

Full moon faces lol.

First main dish - Stir fried chopped choy sum with minced pork, some tofu and spring onions. Loved this one too. But I think I am just a huge fan of anything fibrous.

Then we had the stir fried beef strips with colored sliced capsicums and onions. Flavorful to the last bite. Loved the 'zhap' from the beef fried with onions. I can't find anything wrong with this dish. Nomnomnomnom.

Then comes the mother of all seafood claypots.

There is a long list of seafood ingredients in this one monstrous pot. Flower crabs, lala, fish, prawns (like, huge), crabsticks, generous amount of cabbages...

Some may already have flown to cloud nine with the amount of seafood. Though I must say the seafood broth is really good, I can't say the same for the seafood. The crabmeat and prawns must have been cooked for a really long time. They have a dry, flaky texture and not fresh juicy ones. I think Fong Lye should just cook the crabs, remove the crabmeats and continue to boil the broth with the crab shells. Then patrons can enjoy the soft crabmeat and have awesome seafood at the same time ;)

Then my favorite...

3-variety Supreme Diced Chicken / Sam Pui Kai (ok, I didn't randomly name it like this, googled the dish and got this name lol). It's like this sweet-sour chicken in dark soy sauce but with the addition of basil leaves totally transformed the essence of the dish. 1 word. Awesomazing.

I am really pleased dining here. Service is impeccable, fast and professional. The waiters/waitresses are quick on their feet and changes your plates to a clean one, friendly... tons of times better than our dining experience at Dragon-i the night before. The waitresses practically glare at you when you're slow with the ordering, banging cutleries and bowls on the table... horror.

Fish cakes that all of us sayang want to eat lol.

Complimentary sour plum lime juice to cleanse the palate when we were done.

Bill came to around RM171 (including service taxes) for the four of us. Considering the services, the prices aren't exorbitant at all. Wouldn't hesitate to come here again. Surprisingly though, I have read bad reviews about the branch in Mid Valley. Maybe that's one place to avoid then.

MCC were laughing her head off when she saw this lol. My hands were on my tummy to show satisfaction alright ;)

Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant is at
No. 94, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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