I ♥ Cooking

To a certain extent.

Got up early, dragged my ass to the morning market so that TY and I could cook something up for the family.

I'd say we make a pretty good team ;) Started cleaning/chopping/boiling/soaking/tripping over Pickles around 10:30 in the morning and got a full lunch meal ready by 1:30pm (with soup leh!).

Wasn't supposed to have this many dishes lol... but it somehow turned out that way. Stir fried okra in Japanese anchovies; my special request of steamed chicken in black fungus and countless other ingredients; lotus root soup (dad's request); steamed stuffed bittergourd; stir fried bok choy and finally steamed chili stuffed with pork.

Hehe... typical Papa. Longan drinks.

Had the whole family over hehe.... Ah Ma, Tua Yi, and even Sien Yi who was ngam ngam-ly visiting Ah Ma. Good thing too... I was afraid that TY and I overestimated the amount of food to be served.

The old people loved this. Sien Yi was thrilled with the amount of fungus and Chinese herbal stuff this dish contains lol. I've been pestering TY to cook these for the longest time. Contains chicken, kim chiam (golden needles), black fungus, mushroom, red dates (did I miss anything out?).

And my trusty stuffed chili. Best friend in a foreign land lol (coz can get chili practically anywhere).

Nothing beats a big pot of hot-been-boiling-for-hours Chinese soup! This is my weakness.

Poor Pickles begging for food from Ah Ma to TY (she wouldn't go to Dad only cos she knows it's hopeless). Hmm.... I have a long list of food posts queuing up leh. Lol.


  1. yeah bagi the recipe for stuffed bittersquash one ;)

  2. Bittergourd.

    1. Use minced pork meat (80% lean, 20% fat hehe) and marinate with - oyster sauce, soy sauce, and ground pepper.
    2. Remove the soft inner core of the bittergourd and cut into 1.5cm slices.
    3. Stuff marinated pork into each slice. Steam for 10-15 minutes/ until cooked.

    4. Makan


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