Soupy Rivals

Blogging marathon!

I will try to clear as many blog posts as soon as possible, have everything clear and simple - starting with this DIY soup Ah Ma always makes. We call it the 'Pak Ki Hong Tong'.

Again, the usual housewifey routine, got up early on a Sunday morning, drove over to the morning market and attempted to order chicken bones in Cantonese rofl. Like a pup trying to communicate with a hissing cat -.-

Also made a less than successful 'claypot' fried rice with kimchi lol. Please don't ask why it's called claypot.

With sawi, carrot cubes, chicken cubes and egg.

The soup tastes good after cooking in the pot for a few hours (my honest opinion on my own mediocre cooking), if only I had some of those geng geng then I think can rival Ah Ma's ;)

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