Solace in Baling. The Food, that is.

Chronologically, this post should come right after the Jesselton Series. But because I am pretty screwed up in organizing my blog and difficulties that ensued in getting my hands on the pictures, these are only popping up one month later.

The weekend after we came back from Kota Kinabalu, I spent them in SP and decided to bring some LG friends out to try Ji Yee's restaurant in Baling (after being pestered by Evan for so long). Then subsequently also bring Ah Ma and Tua Yee out.

Pictures courtesy of TY.

It was a bit tough to confirm the Saturday lunch with Ji Yee as she herself is not too sure whether her legs will be acting up. But at 1pm we (Evan, ZX, Ruo-Wen, TY and I) in Ji Yee's familiar shop.
Ji Yee already has a long list of dishes she plans to cook for all of us. But as my cousin Elyza is also in SP, Mom decided to wait for the other senior citizens to reach Baling first before having their lunch. So Ji Yee will cook for us first ^^

Me helping out with the Chinese tea drinks ;)

How much I look forward to this moment ;)

Lunch consists of all my favorite things.

Deep fried fish cutlets drenched in special sweet and sour sauce (koloyok) with freshly sliced cucumber and shallots for that extra oomph.

Are you salivating yet?

Pork ribs (pai kut ong/pai kuat wong) in plum sauce? Some call it sweet sour sauce. I don't know how to describe la lol.
The drool-simulating tomyam. Contains tiger prawns and all the essential tom yam ingredients.
Today no pucuk paku, so we settled for sambal kangkung (morning glory veggies).
Inche kabin (deep fried marinated chicken). Ichiban!

Shit... I hate blogging about food (yea rite) makes me so hungry now. *forages fridge

Hurmph.... my relatives dislike one of

And the final dish.... prawns in dry tomyum sauce.
I remember sweating through the entire time being in SP and also Baling. It was that hot and burning! Soon after lunch and thanking Ji Yee who blatantly refused to accept any form of payment lol -.-, we scooted off back to SP for the ang tau kar (ice blended drinks), beside the scenic SP river hehe.

I think it must've been a few years since I last came here. They have all sorts of flavors to blend with the ice! (ok lame)
(If I recall correctly, L-R thor tau kar (peanut blended), ang tau kar (red bean) and milo kar.
Rojak is another must-have here.

I had an ia kar (coconut).
Shit this post. Jeopardized my tummy.


  1. BABI!! I miss 2 Ee's cooking :|

  2. Alamak.... can't tapao any of the ingredients over either. Well maybe the tomyum paste jar can go through hehehe

  3. hehehe....can try bring the tomyum paste kuar....


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