Chinese New Year of the Rat 2008

Absofreekinglutely busy!!

Came back, thinking that I can finally have some time to start on my thesis writing, properly. Instead, now it's already the end of the 4th day of CNY and I have barely touched on it! Have 2 tests next week pulak.

Nvm, bad luck to grumble!

These are auspicious faces...! *smirk*

Grandma's Gingko

Somehow this CNY seems pretty much toned down, and it's going to be even more so when Sien Jie gets married and moves to Spain permanently. With more females in the house, all will have to follow their husbands... By the time I get married, only Grandma and her daughters will be left... How sad.
Steamboat Spread

Sien Ee Poh with the walking stick. She is recovering from stroke and is not doing very well. Somehow she seems to want the attention and is unable to perform almost everything. Never really liked her ever since I was a tod, but can't help feeling sorry for her at the same time.

Our own home-made Yee Sang! Those bountiful bright carrots are shredded by yours truly :) Shred until my hand hurts.

My God the buffet spread was humongous. There was just simply too many things on the table. I gave up after only a few rounds.

Chicken and potatoes curry

Squid Curry


Roti Jala

Yee Sang

Eggplant Curry

Ayam Kicap

Fish Curry


And that's still not all of the dishes yet... there are still roti canai, and other curries.

Met up with Convent gang. Darned Chia said initially will be coming over to pick me and SueWern up at 9:15 but she showed up at 10:10! Very pek chek with people who are not punctual.
L-R: Chia the SiBehGauSio; moi, Emie the KamKim; Sue Wern the ChieBin; Eve-Lyn the PontianakLaugh; SuPing the cousin; LiMay the MissUSA; YeeKer the Sorpio-Eagle-SampatPo; and lastly Candy, Emie's friend from HongKong.

If I were to shift my hands upwards, I could almost strangle the SiBehGauSio

Day 3 of CNY: Ex-Form6 classmates pai ni.

Li Chin, Yeong Wen, moi, 916, JunHao, SweeMeng

Also my turn to organise this year's gang reunion... Wanted to just simply have steamboat to save the hassle of cooking and preparations, but in the end, itchyfingers-ness got the better of me and I ended up chopping and cutting for the whole day.

Sweet Garlic Bread

Sushi fillings


At this point I was so very exhausted and having a slight headache from lack of sleep and also from standing for the whole day. Also after all that hard work, friends were complaining that it wasn't enough for them. Took all my willpower to stop me from strangling them. Turned out there was plenty of leftovers. Greedy people.

The one thing that could not be avoided.


Shared with the others to get this huge cappucino cheese cake as belated birthday for Emie and Eve. Shouldn't have bought such a huge cake as we ended up only eating about a third of the cake.

I had a lot of fun catching up with these old old friends of mine... Our talk was mostly pointless... with Breasts dominating the conversations. And only my dear old friends are daringly cho-lor and beh-paisehly syok sendiri.

Day 4 of CNY: Dim Sum at Dai You Bin

And dont play play! YeeKer the Eagle is planning to join the Astro Talent Quest or something. All of us immediately took pictures as it's going to be pretty valuable in the future.

Go Eagle!

See y'all in Langkawi muahahah

Interaction Day, Sem 2 07/08

3rd Interaction Day experience at Dusun Eco Pahang.

And it's going to take a freaking 8 hours to reach !!!!! So, we left USM at 12 midnight and spent the night sleeping in the bus. We did stop a couple of times along the highway to pee and eat. Dusun Eco is off the Karak Highway, which is pretty windy and gets foggy at night. But, glad to say that all of us reached in one piece. It was also close to the semester break and CNY holidays, and TY was also supposed to follow the bus to Dusun Eco but the bardyfella decided that he's going to work for a few hours first, and at 3am, he started his journey. I have no idea and I do not want to know how fast he drove but the conclusion is that he was able to reach Dusun Eco the same time as the bus we're in.

One of the pee-pee breaks.

We reached around 8am in the morning and moved our stuff into the A-shaped chalets, which was kinda small. Shared the room with Sze Yin and Swee Lee.
Then, we were divided into groups and this is Wild Hogs!

Zi Xiang, Kevin, Kevin, Wei Inn, Kar Keong, Chin Yee, Sook Fang, Edwin and Min Fey

First activity of the day was hurdling obstacles and stuff.

During one of the games, which is walking across from pole to pole on a rope while holding your partner's hands, the bunch of lifeguards keep on breaking into the "here comes the bride" tune. Damn annoying!

Smacky bum.

Last game of the day: building rafts from bamboos and then sailing off into a man-made pool! The pool is sooooo gross! :

It's hideously green with god knows what else is living underneath ... waiting for some new blood...

We had Kenneth and Alex in our group: both boy scouts in their younger days lol, so proud to say that our raft is the sturdiest!

Girls only get to sail at first... cos we're lightest compared to bigger bums like Kenneth.

Yea, Joshua belongs in the girl group too.

Junior games!!

It was raining very heavily by the time night arrives and that definitely slowed down our plans and such. I was in charge of painting junior's faces.

Me and my weapons

My proudest creation.

Got up early next day, think I was one of those who slept earliest... only had my sleeping bag and my towel as pillow to sleep on.... But goodness! Back to civilisation!

Corps 07/08.

The Georgian Adventure - Hike to Chalaadi Glacier

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