Carnivore's Treat @ Weissbräu

As is with birthdays, a night out filled with delicious food and an extra large dose of gossip. It was Moyang's belated birthday celebration and the foodie rendezvous was decided on Weissbräu because we were already at Pavilion to catch a movie, Eat, Pray, Love later.

I have heard loads of rave reviews on this German bistro, especially so for its pork knuckles and sausages yum yum. A bit sad lah that our army is a bit low in terms of quantity so we only settled for sausages, no knuckles :(

We had the caesar salad first because I wanted something fibrous (what else is new). The caesar salad has fresh romaine lettuce, purple coral leaves, a few pathetic slices of smoked salmon, like, 4 sad olives, bacon bits and a small handful (make it a baby's palm size type of handful) of croutons with shredded parmesan cheese. It's really sad that Weissbräu could not have been a bit more generous with its olives or even the smoked salmon. Great bit about this salad dish is that the lettuces are incredibly fresh and crunchy.


Essentially a flat bread with toppings that looks (and tastes) like our familiar Italian pizzas. We requested for a mushroom topping and boy, I sure am glad that they came back with an overflowing amount of cheese. Since this is my first time sampling a flammkuchen, I cannot give a verdict on its taste :p The crust is very crispy, providing a great contrast of texture to its cheese and mushroom counterparts.

We opted for Nürnberger, a type of German sausage from the town of the same name. Sides are available in the options of the roesti, spaetzli (German egg noodles tossed in butter), sauerkraut (German fermented shredded cabbage), market vegetables, garlic mash, french fries & potato salad). Being suckers for trying out new and different food, we went for the sauerkraut and roesti.

Can't say that I love the sausage, but I can say that I absolutely adored the roesti! Known for its Swedish tuber roots, the roesti, or Rösti is made from roughly grated potatoes and then fried with butter/fat/oil and shaped into rounds.

Sauerkraut is alright. I suppose its slight sourness goes along with the salty sausage. I find the gravy - not sure what it is made of - a bit too salty. But then again, these saltiness is meant to go well with beer, right? ;)

A zoomed in shot of the spore-bearing fungal flammkuchen.

And of course, my charming girlfriends.

Happy Belated!

A Lunch Date

Yes, it's one of those filler posts when I'm not really sure what to blog. Then again, my blog is full of all these random stuff.

Gecko Hunter was in town and called me up for lunch. Said he wants to have salad. Like kns, and asked me where to get good salad lol. The only recollection I have had with salads are those Pizza Hut ones (neh, the one you can pile up 20 centimeters high wan) but I sure as hell won't be suggesting Pizza Hut.

And so we found ourselves at the California Pizza Kitchen.

The irony is that we did not order any pizza. I've only dined there once, and tried the wild mushrooms pizza and another South American something pizza which I cannot recall at the moment. (okeh, I believe it's the Jamaican Jerk Chicken pizza. Don't ask when there's google). But be warned that the prices here are a little steep.

It was a blessed decision. The Moroccan Chicken Salad we ordered is tussled with everything I
adore in a salad.

Moroccan-spiced chicken breast with crisp Romaine lettuce, roasted butternut squash, Medjool dates, fresh avocado, toasted almonds, fresh beets, chopped egg, carrots, dried cranberries and red bell peppers. Tossed with our champagne vinaigrette.

Lettuce was off-the-garden fresh, the avocado, squash and beets contrasting nicely with the crunchiness of the almonds. I love that they had the boiled egg chopped finely because I don't like the salad being overwhelmed by large slices of eggs. Oh, and the vinaigrette dressing...yummm.

Gecko initially wanted to try out an egg roll dish recommended by his friend but as I glanced over the menu and read the short description on the Mediterranean Tortilla Spring Rolls, I am ready to rumble!

MEDITERRANEAN Grilled Portobello mushrooms, grilled Japanese eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, caramelized onions, Fontina, Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. Served with sun-dried tomato marinara.

Can't remember the last time I had tortilla but the combination of these oozingly, juicy teamed up to be one of the best tortilla rolls I've ever had.

And the pièce de résistance, the red velvet cake.

Even the name itself suggest a sexy and smooth cake.

Three layers of moist red velvet cake frosted with vanilla bean cream cheese and white chocolate curls. Served on vanilla bean sauce. Also available à la Haagen-Dazs.

The red velvet cake is apparently somewhere between chocolate and vanilla in flavor, with the redness of the cake derived from either food coloring, or beetroot. I just love the sweetness of the cake with the slight sourness from the cream cheese. Hungry!

Bill came close to MYR90 for the starter, main entrée and dessert, service and government taxes included.

You hungry yet ?

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