Gurney's Famous

My cousin Priscilla (min chi chi) was in town (says she has to clear her leave) for some serious shopping ( bought like, 6 pairs in the first hour that she stepped into a mall? ). Then of course, how can she leave without a good stuffing beforehand ? Introducing some of my favourites and Penang's best...
Jiu Hu Eng Chai

Or Chien

Muar Chee

K, this is not exactly my fav but it comes as a side dish, so, yea, salted eggs.

Pai Ti (slash Singapore popiah)

Rojak! my fave is umbala or mangkuang.

End of random food post :)

Last Day as a Student

On the very last day, I woke up very early, feeling elated. Took a bath and got dressed and rode on my trusty red scooter to the School of Physics, possibly for the very last time.

It was also the day that me and my final year project partner, Chun Yee were to finalise and pass up our FYP - that's Final Year Project to you. What can I say! It was indeed nostalgic... Chun Yee was also the first few people of my course that I got to know. While queuing up to get our forms to fill during the orientation week, I was too relieved for words when I overheard two guys behind me conversing in Hokkien.

Prof. Kamarulazizi Ibrahim. The one paper that I can never score at!

First floor of phys school... picture of Einstein doesn't look very inspiring huh ?

My supervisor's room : with a bigass poster of Doraemon skipping in the foreground.

Graduation's 2 weeks away!

What Exams can do to you

Stumbled upon this little picture that I took during the study week of my final semester. Wondered whether it was my eyes playing tricks on me or is it that my books are finally understanding that its contents are ridiculously ****ed ?

Rainy Days

Rained whole day today.

As plants thrive in sunlight and occasional rain, I thrive in sunless, rainy days. Makes me happy when the day looks gloomy and dark with very strong wind, just before a storm.

If only I can sleep until noon AGAIN tomorrow......

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