It was Adrian's treat!!

Got to know about this place from forwarded e-mails that shows girls in maid uniforms as waitresses.

I must say, it sounds a bit pervert-ish.. but the uniform is not so. You'll see in a bit...

Wonder what it means? Kiss a coyote?

Cute ribbon door handle... Assumes that the interior will be all frilly like a Japanese teen girl room but luckily, it's not. Has clean simple lines instead. Probably to cater old local farts...

Me and TY followed Adrian over and were supposed to meet up with Alex and Wai Kwan there at 7pm. Well, obviously we were late and we reach 3 quarters of an hour later... Can practically see smoke coming out of Alex's ear. But no fear! He's already had a few plates on his own... Some of what he ordered.

Some salad made from taters, onions, carrots and dunno what else.

Sake! - It's almost like drinking spirit... the fumes are overwhelming when it's hot. Apparently you hand to drink it hot... before it all evaporates I guess lol.

My all-time fave! Edamame me me

Cha soba. Me and WK took a long time to take photos of all the foodstuff on the table that the guys started complaining that our camera absorbed the cold from the ice on soba and it gets warm cos of us.

Comes with a cute companion! Bit of side stuffs and raw egg.

My chawan mushi.

Also ordered California rolls. All sapu-ed by Mr TY himself.

WK also ordered a different sort of soba on her own, another flavour. Here she is, looking all pleased with herself while Alex looks like he's planning to distract her and grab the whole plate when she's not looking.

Japanese pizza. Still wondering what it is on the topping. It is thinner than the outer onion skin layer and it gently moves without air disturbance.

My main! Some sort of chicken Don. Chicken also almost negligible. Tastes okay, but I think I prefer Sakae's. Comes with 3 pieces of thinly sliced pickled peach I think and miso soup.


Middle part of the cafe. Loads of alcohol placed here and there.

Lookie our sake bottle. It's one and a half litres worth... 50% alcohol... Drinkers' paradise... Alex models with our bottle with red face while WK looks like she doesn't want to have anything to do with him.

Poor Adrian without a girl clutching his arm by his side had to make do with cosying up with the gigantic bottle. A good prop for foreplay maybe?

Currently hating the person above.

Nah see see see the maids serving us... Nothing exciting right? The uniforms looks puffy, skirt too long and some of them are rather plump... Dun have the oomph geh...

Finally we got ourselves a group pic...

Will I come to this place again? Don't think so. Unless the skirts get much shorter. Bum grazing skirt will do.

Omg I realised I looked really fat/plump/hideous here. See? No chin. Gawd.

Convocation, Bachelor of Applied Physics:16th August 2008

This is going to be a super long post... Typed this halfway to insert this comment here... then continued typing -_-

Spent the previous night trying to sleep early, but instead did lots of mou liu stuff... like painting my nails to a dark chocolaty-purplish and doing some last minute preps. Some of them includes looking around for a safety pin to attach my hood to the robe... Digging out guests' tickets and putting them together with my bag so I don't forget them... Sheesh... I know for a fact that I'm an absent-minded person... Doing all I can to prevent mishaps.

Out of topic: Very pleased with myself that am getting fairer :D

Anyways, as I was saying, slept quite late, around 3-ish doing nothing in particular (nobody nagged me to sleep as Mr bigshot himself went out for teh session with frens, typical)... Got up at around 10 plus to the annoying alarm clock and my room mate's phone calls. Attempted to poop but was constipated, so gave up trying.

Thought that we had to meet up with TY's family in the morning for brunch then he'll fetch me back so that I can have enough time to get ready for my convo. That bugger just out of the blue said I'd better not follow cos won't have enough time and told me to get something for myself.

Fine lo, decided to get wantan mee from Plus 2 on my bike. Got my keys and purse and went downstairs to grab my helmet. As I got downstairs, I had to do a double take. Wheredahelldid my helmet went! Bloody hell, someone 'borrowed' my helmet without bloody asking for permission when there's still so many other bloody helmets lying around without a purpose in the world!

Feeling utterly pek chek, I proceeded to walk out to a nearby 4D centre where a makeshift stall sells cheapo beehun and mee with soy drinks... Bloody hell.... Freaking housemates. Speaking of bloody. My Bloody Wok!!! Our very sweet housemates are such geniuses that they took my wok without asking (surprise surprise) to cook, pretty much frequently. Now, I don't really mind that except that I caught one of them... red-handed... using my wok... TO COOK SOUP! WTF! Curse you cheapos. Damn syok cook and use people's wok until bloody broken and all charred. Then TY was also kinda mad... and posted a notice. Now our sweet lady took the liberty to say 'sorry' and got herself a spanking new pot. Fucker.

Anyways, (font returned to normal), me on my big day:

Supposed to reach there by 1.30pm or so, thankfully it rained a lil bit just before that, so it wasn't that hot. But it was still pretty warm...

I was also too cheap to get anything new to wear on my convocation. Long sleeved white shirt courtesy of Min chi chi's. Black side zipper pants also courtesy of MCC's. Black corduroy pointy heels purchased more than half a year ago to wear to Aquatic Nite. Robes, of course, from USM.

The night before, I called mum and asked her to tell dad to wear something formal, like slacks and coat maybe. It totally did not cross my mind to also remind mom to wear something formal too, cos I assumed that she knows.

So, mum messaged me that they're on their way and at the toll already. I called her up to ask whether she's wearing pants or skirt. Her reply shook me to the core... Jeans. I was like, omg!! Started blabbling and she kept on saying should be ok cos her jeans are sort of khaki-coloured... then I sort of gave in...
Then I saw for myself that it was NOT jeans... They actually turned around so that mom could change... All dressed up like it's her convo! lol....

My bag feels like it's carrying a couple of bricks with all my stuff in it... 2 books on the ceremony (super thick).. a bottle of water... my makeup stuff... 3-4 packets of tissue... wallet... phone etc

Mom is obsessed with flowers. When she sees the bright orange flowers along the way to the hall, she was all pushy and wanted me to take a photo with them. So dad half-heartedly joined...

And dang it! I got a seat right on the first row........!!!!!!!!!!

Sigh... but anyway, the atmosphere was totally out of the world. It was so grand... the bright yellow carpeting, the orchestra at the back of the hall... I'm graduating!! I shall have my 7 seconds of fame...!

Good news, I did not trip or anything embarrasing like that la. But it was over so quick and then after that, it gets bored.

Evan said he tried texting me, but I didn't reply. That's because I turned the phone off!

Well.... after it's done... snap here, snap there.... Did not get all the pictures uploaded yet. Still lacking loads.

Also received a huge bouquet of red roses from TY :D.. Think there was around 38? He himself also dunno lar..... Received another purple bouquet from his buddies... thanks people.

Check the tummy ^ (maroon shirt)

Also thank you to my supporters~

I was made fun of the whole time about the fact that both our families were there... I guess we are taking things a bit too fast? But it wasn't intentional... It was TY's dad's intention!

Sweet sweet...
Erm... I think I sorta liked the purple bouquet more... the red one is nice and all, but the purple one has special flowers lol.

Also had Pei pei- Adrian's girlfriend and my junior, Jo Lynn on my fan club...

... and MP....

With the handsome couple... Next 3 photos courtesy of Popo.

Best buddy Evan!

He's so vain. Even though it will obviously be very hot, but he went through all the trouble, got himself a 3-piece suit (waistcoat included) and can even smile serenely in the heat. Hate him.

Sweet success!

Love the Lifeguards! Always there to support your convo! Long live Wei Yip, Albert, Wei Wah, Kar Keong, Tze Nee, Min Fey, Chin Yee, Kenneth, Wei Kiang, Ruo-Wen, Swee Lee, Jo Lynn, Mun Pung, Chin Teng, Jun Yuan, Xiao Bai, Shue Wen, and James (ohuk).

No wedding on the way yet...

Thus, it ends.... I have always thought it ironic that after spending 17 years studying our asses off... what we get in the end... is just 7 seconds of fame and our achievements acknowledged on a piece of flimsy paper.

After that, (sweaty and all), we head on to the Convo Dinner at the Revolving Restaurant, City Bayview Hotel!

Buffet, Corps charged us RM50. I suppose cost is only around RM40 or so...

Arrived late due to hitching Chin Teng ride... He gave me some lame excuse about waiting for his bro's call or something like that which I can only remember vaguely...

Food was not bad... my appetiser was small... I guess I had to maintain me figure in my white dress. Can't afford one too many bulges, y'know?

Cheese and crackers, olives, ham salad beetroot.

Seafood carbonara linguine.

Roasted beef with ham in black pepper sauce.

My selection of meats: calamari (looks steamed, not my type), cheesy sausages, lamb chops, butterfish and some sort of chicken with a fancy name.

Buffet also comes with a free flow of Baskin Robbins ice cream. With very limited choices available. Here I had cookies and cream, vanilla and green tea -_- The choose-able ones there...

Then we head off to Sega Fredo!... God it sounds like a night that refuses to end...

On the way to the parking lot, I discreetly handed my graduation presents to Chin Teng and Evan. Presents which I purposely drove all the way to Queensbay and searched around for more than 2 hours lor! And some more had dinner alone lor!

Squeaking happily and laughing like elemtary boys...

So proud they are....

It's Spongebob Squarepants! Awwww......

Drinks drinks drinks!

My Tequila Sunrise

Pei En's Blue Lagoon.

Evan's Hawaiian something.

Finally the night ended....

Bonus part lol:

Me graduation bear bear flowers.

Gift from the Lifeguard Corps: bigass cup.

From I don't know who! Huge lollipop/body massager

Finally, we cook! I mean... he cooks and I eat...

I don't know why but we both likey beehoon th'ng.

I dun like purple cabbage, but he likeys. I got no say.

That wraps up my convocation.... But I'm not done with the pictures! Loads more on the way!

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