Cafeteria for Atas People

 Me and PCC officially labeled each other as 'bad influences'. Each and every single time we go out together, we end up spending too much money. Sigh. She accuses me of making her buy stuff while I, in defense, shall insist that she is the one who brings me to places with huge sales or eat expensive food!

So yea, this one time we were in Bangsar Village and she proudly stated that the reason she chose this place was because there's nothing much to shop for. So proud some more you know when she announced that. Then she asked me, want to eat first, or jalan first? Since we weren't hungry yet, we decided to go jalan first loh. First shop we entered was Peacocks... bad decision! Though great stuff they have here... and very affordable too! Alamak dilemma.... PCC ended purchasing three tops and me, a floral bag -.-

PCC, you ripping a huge, huge hole in my pocket!!

Uhhh..... so..... dinner. PCC has been eyeing this place for a bit now but hasn't had a chance to eat in. 

One more thing, didn't have the sense to bring my camera along. So photos are taken with the phone camera and some of the pictures turn out to be really artistically blurry ;)

 The name and the exterior.... totally had me thinking it's some sort of grocery store! Don't you think so?

But the place is quite nice la. Simple and modern. The long rows of tables sort of reminds you of food courts, but in a good way. PCC and I were lucky to find seats with no one to squeeze with ..... for the first 20 minutes then later we were asked by the waiter to remove our shopping stuff on the neighbouring chairs to let a couple of guys sit. Hmmpf.

 The place is supposed to be known for their salads and pizzas. Both PCC and I were contemplating whether to get two types of salad, or a salad and a pizza. We decided to opt for the latter option, and boy, thank goodness for that!

 Roasted Codfish and Pineapple. MYR12.9
with green chillis, cucumbers, tomatoes, coriander and coconut milk dressing.

The salad came in a small plate...  We had to rummage through the pile of vegetables only to stab out four (oh yes we counted! Use fingers on one hand cukup d) miserable chunks of the codfish lol. Salad is kinda blah... but I love the dressing though.

 Our drinks came later than our appetiser -.- But that's because the salads are not made fresh upon order. They are pre-prepared in bulk, and displayed on top of the counter (though both PCC and I did not notice that when we came in). I had a chamomile tea (this was at the initial stage of my sore throat and eventually, a full blown package of flu, fever and phlegm-y cough) whereas PCC had iced coffee.

 Funghi Pizza MYR22.9
Mozarella, fresh wild mushrooms, mascarpone, truffle oil.

The pizza came unsliced, though they do provide the pizza slicer or cutter or whatever you call it. Naturally I was given the tiresome task that PCC deemed to be below herself. As I struggled to slice the pizza with PCC unashamedly roaring in laughter away, our waiter strolled over and asked if we need any help lol. As I had already cut a few slices, albeit in a jagged way, he can only do so much. When he was done, he even said "Sorry Ma'm, there's nothing much I can do." Hahahahhahaha. Blardy ah you want to be smart is it?

I love mushroom pizzas!! To bits! Ben's GFS pizzas are more like flat-ish bread, sort of like naan, but slightly crispier. I loikkkkeeeee! Such a joy to eat. Don't really fancy those thick crusts like eating bakery sausage pizza bread bun liddat. The funghi really heavenly. There are button mushrooms, portobello, even oyster mushrooms! Me thinks me can bake this loh, ingredients seem simple enough. What I didn't like about the pizza is the mascarpone which are just unceremoniously dumped on three spots on the pizza. Wish they could have spread them out a bit more so every bite you can have this and that. But no, one bite you take  is super dry, then another will be dripping with cheese and mushrooms are falling off.

Prices are reasonable, food is good too. Need to go back there and try more things! Heard they're opening a deli and grocer too (so in a way what the store perceives is right la).

Sick Happy Meal

After more than a week of bad diet, curries, fast food, deep frying, snacks and sweetened carbonated drinks, finally my body lashes back- can't eat anything else around KLCC, except to pay more and get slightly healthier stuff :(. I hate being sick!!

More Pots and Pans

I was doing my usual Cinderella chores around the house when suddenly PCC announced to the room at large that since I was so hardworking, she is going to make soup for me tomorrow. I turned to her, not believing my ears. But she meant business, even proudly declaring that she'd bought ingredients and even Alaskan pollocks lol!!

I told her, sure or not, last skali end up me being the one cooking instead of her and she laughed, saying that it may end up that way -____-

Behold! An unknown spirit that has possessed my notoriously sluggish cousin!

 Unbelievable! Tastes good leh hahahahhha. Got Thai chili sauce to dip as well omgwhoisthispersonnotmycousin!

Spinach soup with anchovies

Whoever it is, she's an impostor!

Test from Mobile :D

Let's see if this works...

Pots and Pans

I'm such a procrastinator and a lazy bum these days. I thought I'd kicked the habit of taking evening naps now that I've been working for the past close to three years. Apparently not.

Digressing, I remember how hard it was for me during the first few weeks of working full time at an engineering department. Even as a primary school-goer, I used to take 1-2 hour naps after school. This trend continued even when I was in uni lol. I would sneak back to my rented apartment after class then snooze for a bit. Thank goodness I had my trusty scooter at that time to keep my nap tradition going hehe. 

So yea..... took  a nap that lasted for almost two hours.... Crazy right.... I know it's not good to take such a long nap (well in this case it's not quite a nap anymore, is it?) but once the afternoon drowsiness kicks in.... it's so hard to fight back -__-

Uhhhh, on a bid to sweep that bad note under the carpet, I cooked!

Last trip to Singapore, PCC pestered me to bring back a few cartons (in her words, as many as possible) of these ready-to-use chicken broth. She went on to gush about how good they were for making syabu-syabu (steamboat) during her last stay at MCC's place.

And thus my fate of lugging around a baggage of 15kg from Changi Airport to KL was sealed -__-. Okla, to be fair, I had my bag checked in but still! I had to drag, carry, push my luggage anyways when I used the public transport back to PCC's place okay!

 What so special about these things har? Other than not being available in Msia, these had better taste good!  So when PCC got wind I haven't got plans for one of the weekend, she invited me to Jusco to get ingredients for soup. After checking out what's available, we decided to make ABC soup (ok when I say 'we', I actually mean 'me').

And so I slaved in the kitchen hehe.... No lah, I don't mind cooking. I find it therapeutic chopping and cutting vegetables up, while imagining they belong to limbs of people I despise..... (ok I should probably stop here).

Ta-dah! The chicken broth certainly helped to bring out the flavours of the ABC soup more. Cooked a huge pot that lasted us for two days hehehe. Super love :D

Late this afternoon, after my long nap, I was feeling really hungry. So I decided to whip up my express angel hair pasta with Chinese sausages and cabbage hehehe. When I took out the cabbage, I saw a streak of purple. Thinking that it might be a shredded piece from the cabbage's close relative, I started peeling off the outer leaf. To my absolute horror, that shredded purple cabbage piece (or so I thought) wiggled!!

That darn worm was pretty long, almost two inches. I turned on the tap water and hope beyond hope the water pressure is enough to push that thing off! Thinking the worst is over, I saw another one wiggling out of sight into the folds of the cabbage. Darn it, I thought. I'm really squeamish when it comes to these things. Can't help it! My body goes into a goosebumps-ish mode whenever I see worms, maggots, roaches... sigh.

Then afterwards spotted another baby worm after the two adult ones -____- . Makes you think like what the heck this family of worm doing in my cabbage.... Living happily with ample food and air-conditioning (coz in fridge) some more! Die you worms!

Okla, end of this pointless post :D

Eat Japan

Was in SG for a few days. While I was there, it rained continuously -.- Had no problems with that though. Instead of going around places, I actually chose to nap and lounge around MCC's place kekekke. So the only shots I took about were here.

Anyways, MCC and hubby insisted I treat them a round of dinner - that includes crab. But somehow that insistence turned it way to a Japanese buffet instead. No prob, was game for it especially after IKK described the many varieties of food sprawled on the buffet line. 

 Soon after picking up SE from her place after work on Friday, we set off to the Great World City and to kuishin-bo!

 Completely throwing caution to the wind of whatever radiation that may or may not be lingering in our food, check out the spread!

Unlimited amount of food.... you can stuff yourself like a turducken. Provided your stomach has that ability to stretch!

 Su En I think is the happiest. She piled on mounds of salmon sashimi and cleared plate after plate. Ugh! (btw, digressing, after seeing her consume so much salmon, we jokingly speculated that she won't be going near any salmon sashimi for at least a month. Well waddaya know, 2 days later she was already ordering a plate of salmon sashimi -.-)

 My favourite chuka idako!!! (seasoned baby octopus) Many have exclaimed their horror when I said I love eating them because they're too cute and small to be eaten. I usually turn into ignorant mode and slurp them anyways :D

 One if the highlights for the others... giant snow king crabs! Too bad I'm not a crab sucker like IKK and the others otherwise I would be in cloud nine sudah.

 Rows of sashimis. Salmon sashimi was soooo fresh and juicy and satisfying.. yummm. I love laying them out, spreading wasabi with a little soy sauce, sort of the way you would spread butter on bread, then roll the sashimi like a cinnamon roll and pop them in and let the juices flow OMG SO HEAVENLY!!

 Unagi kabayaki...!!! Unagis have always been a favourite of mine. But strangely, with so many all sprawled seductively on the plate, I can only stomach 2 miserable chunks wor.... why ah? Not that they don't taste great but.... meh. 

 Soft shell crab T_T

 For $50, it's much more expensive than other Japanese buffet meals because kuishin-bo includes a baked thermidor lobster for each patron! When we arrived, our waiter inquired whether we want them right away or afterwards. As we were all already complaining how hungry we were, IKK replied, rightaway, without missing a beat hehehe.

I wish I could try the lobster without the cheese though, maybe with melted butter like how SJ is always gushing about. The cheese really sort of fills you up already, and we haven't even properly gotten started with the buffet spread yet!

 Nom, nom and more nom.

An outdoor grill awaits....
 Yakitoris, grilled corn, grilled salmon.... everything lah! I especially liked the grilled corn... Also tried the lamb. Grilled perfectly, meat still juicy and not overdone at all.

If you think I'm almost done with the list of noms served here, you're absolutely wrong! Still got another long list.... though I didn't capture everything on camera.

 Soba and udon noodles with condiments of your choice, seaweed, spring onions, cubed tofu, sesame seed...

 Assorted hot pots that you can pick, or mix and match. Once you've made your selection, one of the staff will get to your table and light a miniature pot burner. Awesome.

 Dobinmushi, recommended by MCC. Sort of like a herbal seaweedy soupy broth.Served in this cute little teapot :) 

After going for another round of salmon sashimi, and a huge bowl of edamame, I finally decided to head for the dessert table. Dessert a bit meh lor. Got fondue pot also, but the others are just so-so.

 Oh yea, got Dorayaki also!!!

 MCC asked me to pose with it, sort of to show how tiny it was but the photo ended up liddis. She said my head darn big. Can't help it that I'm smart ;)

 Completely stuffed after two hours of non-stop food consumption. Some more I went back to the buffet spread and loaded on more fruits heehhehe (dragon fruit, apples, papaya, oranges and can't remember what else).

SE fell in love with this stumpy spoon and we started arranging leftover food into a Picasso-sort-art kekekke.

Can you tell what's made from what? 
Huge headgear- dragon fruit skin, nose- edamame bean, eyes- dragon fruit seed, smile- wasabi LOL!

Okla, that's all I have for this Singkapoh trip. Will explore more places next time (like the Jurong bird park which SE was pestering me to go with her). By the way, after I left, apparently SG was all sunny again :@ Waddahek!

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