Cweet Krunch

And I shall immensely despise whomsoever has a tendency to be a know-it-all, bossy and a big snob. Well, any other quality that makes me roll my eyes big time.

Or one that has a childish need over an equally childish Facebook game.

An immensely free Saturday morning. Toasted wholemeal bread with butter; sandwiched a cheddar cheese slice between two of the toasted bread; poured honey over and a generous amount of chopped almonds sprinkled.

Also boiled a couple of eggs, only to realize that they don't really go well with toasted bread and honey :(

But! Success story for my yummy toasted bread anyways.


Red Onion

It is time to let go... Ah Ma has gone to a better place and we must all move on with our lives.

Guess what I am going to blog? LOL... No way you are going to hit the bull's eye.



Try again!



Haha.... I found out that I have in fact another folder of pictures back from the Houston days which I have not blogged! Yea, yea I know.... it's like a never-ending sudden popping up of events that are over a year old.

Can you believe that? It's been approximately 16 months since I've finished my training in Houston! Time passes by so quickly, it's scary. I definitely miss those moments in the USA. Including the three weeks I was frozen to the core with the acquisition crew lol. Now that's saying something.
On the last week us Georisers in Houston, our trainers were gracious to organize a lunch out at the Red Onion. Now, I am going to depend solely on my memory (or the lack of it) to describe the food and place lol (ok, with also the help of google). It is, after all, been 16 months since.

Red Onion serves a blend of food from Mexico and Latin America. I think we left early from our class to arrive around noon for lunch.

I recalled craving for a juicy fat piece of steak. Anyways, these were ordered as appetizers. Let's see if I can figure out what these are....

It's probably a sampler of sorts. Chicken wings.... umm... corn .... *sheepish smile* guacamole...uh... well some fried stuff... and..... other stuff.


I'm not sure lah why all of us look so ghostly. We were seated right opposite the windows I suppose. Left is the ever kind Eve, our Immigration manager. Sweet Wen Ting was on my left lol.

Hah. I can clearly remember what I had.

Medallion de Beef Colombia
4 ounce medallion of fillet mignon, coated with fresh roasted ground coffee, seared on a hot skillet, served over a mango BBQ sauce. Comes with grilled veggies, plantains and fried onions.

Ok, confession I remembered because I took a shot of the menu with my main on it. Nevertheless, I bet you were very much impressed.

The meal was glorious, thank you very much. The steak came medium, the way I like my reds. And the grilled vegetables yummy yummy. Plantains are similar to bananas, here they were served deep fried, tempura style.

Ghost image with red nose #2. I believe I was fairest at that point. Rarely had any outdoor activities, and even so, the sun is not as strong as the tropical Malaysian blazing sun I am so accustomed to.

A shot of Jocelyn's main. Can't remember what it's called.

Most shots didn't turn out very nice so I wouldn't bother to upload those.... Contemplating on posting up our group photo... Oklah.

After dinner that day, a few of us hung out for one of the last time in Houston at our favorite pub, Sherlock's. Had numerous lessons with Lukasz and Shangar on pool. I am going to shamelessly admit that my skills at pool has increased exponentially. Well, it's probably going down the bell curve now that I barely have a chance at practicing it.

Don't you just miss the $1 per pint of beer? Sigh...

And finally a group picture of the Georisers... I seriously cannot recall if I have ever posted that up lol....

Bottom group picture taken with our trainers. Next to Shangar is Alain. French guy with an obvious thick French accent. Funny chap. Neil, two heads right of Lukasz. Great trainer, but always seem to be on edge lol. Steve Clark, on Lukasz's left. We call him the popcorn man because he's always dumping in a bag of popcorn into the microwave for lunch. How crazy is that? And on the far right, the very nice Francois, who Hannah aptly described as being quintessentially French haha... Great people, great experience.

*End of filler post*

In Loving Memory

I know it's a bit weird to have posted up a happy post on the Krabi trip before this. I just felt compelled to complete the trip before I start on this entry.

Ah Ma's demise happened all too sudden.

Too soon, God has taken my beloved grandmother from us. She first suffered from pain in her legs, and walking became a bit of a chore, about three months ago. Then soon after, she started to have thoughts that is not in place. Like declaring her home is not hers. She would start to say things like her time is coming soon, whether her will is in order but most of the time we would brush her off, saying she would live long. Things like that.

Then about a month and a half ago, she was hospitalized. She had a stroke and there's nothing much the doctors can do for her. I visited her once during this period. It was such a pain for me to see her in that condition. Swallowing was immensely tough for her. She only had a few spoonfuls of food we fed her. She was practically just skin and bones. At this point, she could only manage one or two words. Sometimes they were barely discernible. Seeing her like this broke my heart.

Ah Ma was discharged from the hospital a week later. I heard from Mom that Ah Ma was smiling and all pleased when she got back home. Tua Yi and Ji Yi are such great people to help and take care of Ah Ma during these times. Ah Ma was bedridden, all of us were extremely worried for her. Not being able to talk to her on the phone did little to console us. A doctor came to Ah Ma's house also and all he could say was to keep her comfortable...

Then early Tuesday morning, 7th September. I was getting ready for work when I received a phone call from Ah Ma's house number. I was instantly scared. There has to be extremely grave news for any of my aunts to call at this hour.

Ji Yi was sobbing uncontrollably on the phone. Ah Ma is gone.






I still recall her during our Chinese New Year celebration early this year. She was still shuffling about in the kitchen, in her mua. Fussing over all of her children and grandchildren, making sure that we had enough to eat. She would always ask me to get some fruits, papaya, apples, something, and ask me to cut them up after dinner. I would always reply I'm full, maybe later. She would then get up herself, get the fruits out and cut them up. I was always such a nuisance.

Even when I was young, Ah Ma has taken care of me so much. I used to have a lot of problems with my skin. I was practically sensitive or allergic to everything, grass, fur, carpet, lace. And I had these spock marks all over. My family and relatives used to tease me of my ci puat, noh puat and the diamonds I possess. Ah Ma would boil this type of tea, then while the tea is still warm, rub the tea leaves against my legs and clean my diamonds with the tea. Such tenderness and patience in her.

I remember back then when I was just 5 or 6. Ah Ma would practically coat my face with bedak sejuk, home made of course, till all three of us siblings look like ghosts. Then Ah Kong would bring us all to the Jubli Perak park where we would all shamelessly run and scream around in our white masks.

She would then often ask me if I wanted to spend the night at her place. When I was younger, I simply loved to sleep over. I would even follow Ah Ma to her tai chi practices, and then to the morning market afterwards. Ah Ma makes one of the killer kopi O I have ever tasted. But as I got older, I began rejecting her offers for me to spend the night :(

Oh, Ah Ma sometimes talks in her sleep hehe.

Ah Ma is always so giving. She never asked for anything in return. Even if she would require help, she would ask in such a hesitating manner. She never wanted to burden anyone, not even her own son.

Even the manner she left the world was quiet and calm... so befitting of her nature. Not wanting to cause much trouble. I regret that I didn't spend more time with her, bring her out to her favorite dim sum shop. I have a feeling that she always looks forward to these breakfast sessions with her grandchildren. She's definitely the socialite. Such an easy person to talk to. She could break into a conversation with the cashier, the lady selling vegetables at the market, the Malay lady queuing up to pay at the counter.

Ah Ma is such a darling little vain thing. She is always taking care of her appearance. At her age, she still looks so youthful with her sweet smile that makes you want to smile with her. And her soft and supple skin. While she was hospitalized, the nurse would question her how did she get her skin to remain youthful.

Even on a short trip to a shop, Ah Ma would take the trouble to change into something nice and brush her hair. That's one of the reasons why she always looks presentable in pictures that we took of her. Her hair is so soft and fluffy hehe. And at her age, still not entirely white!

I will miss her indignant expressions, her little heated arguments with Tua Yi, her questions on what we would like to eat, what soup we wanted her to boil for us... How I miss seeing those pearl earrings of hers dangling on her stretched lobes :) And her jade bracelet which she is always lovingly holding on to. I will miss seeing her sitting at her favorite dark wooden chair in the living room. I will miss seeing her expression while taking the first spoonful of her favorite sweet dessert.

I will miss seeing her fussing over her old dog, Rainy and even Pickles when she would often say "Cau!". I will miss her laughter as Pickles scuffles around between her legs. I will miss her occasional sarcastic remarks... I will miss seeing Ah Ma sitting on the white swing outside in the garden. I will most dearly miss holding on to Ah Ma and supporting her while she makes an effort going up stairs.

Great food has always been synonymous with Ah Ma. There is a looong list of dishes that I have always adored. I always look forward to those festive days, the start of the hungry ghost, Ah Kong's birthday.... times when I get to enjoy the best jiu hu char wrapped in oa chai with Ah Ma's very own sambal belacan, tu tor th'ng accompanied with the spiciest sliced han cio kia, dried pineapple curry, the most delicious sambal petai, so fragrant and cooked to perfection, and how can I not list perut ikan as one of my very favorites. The mackerel fish stuffed with chili? I could flood the house with drool. Oh! And the great fish curries with bendi. Mmm....

Ah Ma is, without a doubt a great cook. She makes her sambal from scratch. Rolling and pounding them on the pestle and mortar. Well, until she couldn't handle the weight of those heavy cookwares anymore. No other cook or restaurant can ever produce the same dish to Ah Ma's high standard of cooking. The list would go on and on, and I will forever live with the regret that I never got the chance to learn all these wonderful skills from Ah Ma.

I will always have this mental image of Ah Ma in the kitchen, throwing all sorts of ingredients into the pot, sticking a ladle into the pot and tasting, and adding this and that to suit her taste buds. No matter how simple her cooking is, they taste great nevertheless. They are the definition of home-cooked food.

So many things I wish I have spoken, thousands of apologies I wish I had uttered, but there's no turning back now.

Ah Ma, you have filled our lives with so much meaning and purpose. You will always hold a dear place in my heart. Words cannot express how much I love and care for you. I promise I will be a better person.

May you find peace and a have moved on to a greater place of being.


Sawadeeka: Maya and Beyond (means Home la)

Got up early again and proceed for breakfast before packing all our things, checked out and driven to the jetty before boarding the ferry to the Koh Phi Phi island.

I was really dead tired by then from the heat, and thank goodness for the sturdiness of the ferry otherwise I wouldn't be able to get enough rest on the ferry from the motion sickness like I did. The ferry ride took close to an hour I think to get us to Phi Phi island.

Was all well-rested when we reached our destination! Hehe... The others? Were all up on the deck, soaking up the sun haha.

Checked into the Phi Phi Hotel, really nice and decent place. larger and slightly more luxurious that the Hotel Srisuksant we stayed in Aonang. When we got our keys, it was a little over 1pm and only a couple of rooms were ready for us to put our stuff in. So Kenneth took a set and TY took the other. 'Instructions' were barked out from Sergeant Evan for us to get ready, set out for lunch and then get ready later for more island hopping.

Needless to say, the whole bunch crammed into our room instead of half going over to Kenneth's lol. Just changed into my swimming stuff, and headed out to fill our food-deprived stomachs.

Koh Phi Phi island is so flooded with tourists that everywhere you turn, you see boobs hanging out, covered only by the tiniest piece of lycra. Great fact about this island is that, no motorized vehicle is used here, well, except for the long tailboats and other water transport. But otherwise, on island, no motorcycles, no tuk-tuks, no cars. Just plain bus #11 or bicycles.

Again, we ordered the favored banana honey pancake and coconut milk shakes lol. I think at this point if I am being served with another of those pancakes I would literally vomit my insides out. I don't know. Being sick after a vacation also makes me sick of the food I overeat while I am there. Like kerabu. Sick.


After a bit, we headed back to the hotel to lay back and rest. I took a shower because the heat outside is so overwhelming that I was almost pretty sure that we were 10 times closer to the sun -__-

Our boat gets its fuel from this boat close to the shore!

Probably diesel? Not entirely sure but fuel is brownish-red in color. This is some mobile fuel station lol. Fuel is transferred to our boat with only a transparent tube.

Long tailboats are so rocky -.- Received another hit of motion sickness, even on a short boat ride off the beach. Our guide lowered the anchor and we just snorkeled right in the deep sea. Without a doubt, the corals and reefs here are so breathtaking as compared to the ones we experienced in Aonang.

I started wearing life jackets back off the Aonang waters because I decided that I was too lazy to swim. Then the life jackets were too huge for me and they sort of bunched up above the sea and chokes me up. So this time around, I was a lot smarter (but no less lazier) and dived into the sea without them. I miss having flippers like we did when we were in Sapi and Manukan island off Sabah.

We were first brought to a lagoon where I was told that the filming of The Blue Lagoon (starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins) took place. However, a quick search on wiki left me with results other than what I was told. Blue Lagoon was actually filmed in Fiji and Vanuatu. Hmm... Can't be that I heard Blue Lagoon and Brooke Shields wrong right? Nevermind. Maybe a short scene actually took place here.

The clear blue waters belie the actual condition of the environment. As it is a lagoon, rubbishes like empty bottles, plastic are brought here from the sea current. It is kind of oily here to, much to our disappointment. None of us except for Kei Gor dared to go into the water.

Brace yourselves for the highlight of our trip....

Doesn't this look like a setting of some thriller genre film, where you stumble upon this rocky-waves crashing and only one point of entry thing? Well, there are in fact 2 points of entry into our next POI. One is clearly the stairs, another is right below the stair, under the cave and you have to climb over boulders and shit like that.

Evan, who was here before a couple of years ago couldn't believe that we were going to have it easy because the stairs is apparently a new addition. Lol. Anyways, we had to swim from our boat to the boulders because the boats couldn't get any closer. TY, who was indecisive as to whether he should be lugging his DSLR along, last skali threw in the bulky camera into the wet bag (water proof surf bag). We were, needless to say, rewarded with the best view I have ever set my eyes upon.

Ma Ya Bay

I cannot even describe how majestic cliffs rise over the bay, sheltering it from three sides. The cliffs / limestone hills measured up to 100 meters tall. The sand is silky white gives a pristine view through the length of the beach.

If the name Maya Bay or the view looks familiar to you, then it's probably because you've seen it. This is the filming location of the movie The Beach, which stars Leonardo diCaprio.

And a sad little attempt at creating a panoramic shot haha! Epic fail.

Just for the record, we used the cave entry on the way out. All salty, stinky and sticky later, we got back to our hotel. Before that, out boat stops over the underwater memorial for the tsunami victims. As the tide was high and the memorial over10 meters deep, none of us got to see the memorials.

Dinner was supposed to be a buffet affair, but apparently the shop only opens during the peak season (October onwards or so), so as we walked around, Evan and I agreed to dine at a restaurant we hand-picked (based on the yummy looking grilled items they have lined outside the restaurant lol).

One of the best BBQ-ed iems I've had - kebab of chicken cubes, tomatoes, onions, chilis and also de-shelved large prawns.

Queen of all Som Tams. So spicy all three (Gecko Hunter, TY and I) were hissing and smoking our way through dinner!

And the usual green curry chicken and seafood tom yum gong with steamed rice. Total bill came to about 100 Baht per person, which really ain't bad at all. I made a passing comment to Gecko Hunter that I wouldn't mind setting up a shop here and live here just to have these food everyday lol. Well, of course, being sick and all completely changed my perception. Ahem. Nope.

Fat lazy cats are all over Ko Phi Phi

Not only was I feeling under the weather. TY soon confessed that he doesn't feel all that good. Two of us then made our way back to the hotel, after downing some coconut juice. Bade our goodbyes to Horse and Drunkard, changed into my PJs and downed a Uphamol. Terus pengsan until midnight or so where I received a call from Horse.

"Eh, you guys sleeping already ah? Anyway we are downstairs at the pool and drinking that Bacardi we bought earlier ah. Come over la ok".

Me,"Ok". Hung up and slept till the next morning. Lol... Old people. Well apparently, Horse, Drunkard and Gecko Hunter were at the Slinky Bar or something like that, drinking and watching some fire shows when there was a power outage for nearly half an hour so those three took their drinking over to the hotel pool.

We were also supposed to get up some time around 5am to hike up to the Viewpoint of Phi Phi, catch some sunrise and also the view of the two coasts, separated by the town of Phi Phi. I was woken up around 6am by Evan's knocking on the door. I initially wanted to go but didn't want the others to have to wait for me to get ready so I forgo the opportunity and shook TY up. TY was a bit worse, saying that the night before was pretty cloudy and he doubted he could get a good sunrise. Well that being settled, TY and I were plunged back into slumberland.

A similar but not quite view which you can get at the Viewpoint that TY shot from the top level of our hotel. The breakfast buffet spread at the hotel was great! There were bacon strips, little croissants and my favorite baked potato... yum yum. After the heavy breakfast, I posed a question to TY, asking him if he wanted to get a foot massage (I was still very de boh ka muan over my maiden Thai massage back in Aonang). He said yea ok and so we made a rush for it, to the massage shop just opposite our hotel and requested for a half hour foot massage.

The last is definitely the best, cukup oomph (probably because we were the first customers, all energy still intact) and power. I left Phi Phi with happy feet.

And last skali, a shot of a battle ship that was washed to shore from the tsunami hit. Sawadeeka!

Sawadeeka: Limestone Hills over the Vast Andaman Sea

Woke up with heavy eye bags and after a quick shower, trudged downstairs for the breakfast spread. We had the options of ham, eggs, and sausages or fried rice and both me and TY opted for the whole protein breakfast. After paying BHT360 for snorkel equipments and boat ride, we got back to our room and got ready for a whole day out at the beach and snorkeling.

Obviously there are just too many breathtaking photographs which I can't include all in since blogger has the storage limit and I'm not about to bother linking to flickr or photobucket... Last skali I just took whichever ones I fancy from TY's camera because mine just doesn't seem to cut it :(

On this trip did I only start to realize that I actually have sea sickness. Especially so on the longboats! So damn rocky waseh pening kelapa @.@ You could immediately feel the effects of someone shifting his/her butt an inch to one side.

Krabi surely provide a sight that is rarely seen on the coasts of Malaysia.

Our first island is the Phranang island. The sun blazes over us, I feel just like a human kebab roasting in the heat.

The Phranang cave isn't like any other cave. An altar is erected in honor of... I'll let you guess based on the picture.

Yes. Penises. We girls were practically having a lot of fun picking out the different sizes of figurines to pose with while the guys stayed safely 10 feet away. Dugong was the best, asking Mrs Dugong not to touch anything when she wanted to take a photo with the altar rofl.

We had the option of exploring the cave but none of us were interested in using our time in the sun for some time in a cold, dark cave. So we found a spot some distance away, took off our clothes and just in time, a rain cloud rolled in and lazily rained over us pitiful people hahahah.

As it was only a passing rain, we weren't too worried but damn, the wind that came with it sure is cold! Before long we were all soaking in the sea for its warmth. Rain lasted for about 20 minutes before the sun peeks out again. I am pleased to say that that was the only encounter with bad weather throughout. I was told by a Thai expat friend that the range of dates we have picked falls on the monsoon season, the peak season for traveling to the West Coast is from October onwards.

While frolicking in the sun, we found this rope hanging off a jutting rock. Yours truly actually managed to climb up, pictures as evidence :p

With my admiring fans all around rofl. I would love to put up more pictures of the surrounding view but I have to be extremely choosy in my choice of photos, so no :( After a bit, Jeff called us to move on to the next island. Not before stopping by this island called Chicken Island, which resembles, well, a chicken. Hmm.. not quite, I thought it looked more like a turkey.

Then Jeff pointed out a smaller limestone hill which he referred to as the James Bond island. It's not quite the island which a JB movie was filmed. In fact, it is a smaller version and is henceforth called the Fake James Bond island.

Fake or not doesn't stop us from camwhoring with it.

This is my favorite picture out of the entire album.

I think we spend the longest time on the Poda island (don't ask). Tried snorkeling there but the snorkeling mask seems faulty and water seems to be getting into it. Well either that or I still very much suck at using snorkeling gears. It was close to noon by then and my stomach was growling. Unable to contain my hunger, an ice-cream vendor (with an icepack strapped) passes by in an attempt to seduce me with his icy sticks.

An ice-cream cone is priced at a staggering 80 Baht (RM8). Hunger overwhelms and I gave in. Oh well, better poorer than having irreversible gastrointestinal related diseases (justify, justify!).

This is me looking like crap + moody + boh sim + seasickness. Could barely talk except for showing this lcly face hahahahhaha. Thank goodness for Mrs Dugong's hong iu which somewhat made the boat ride a little bit more bearable. TY who loves boat ride looked like he's having the time of his life. With a glittery tan.

I believe this is one of the Tam Tam islands - three interconnecting islands which is possible to travel by foot to each of them when the tide is low enough.

Sun burnt, hungry, sticky with suntan oil and sunblocks, a hairy mess later, we got back to our hotels and cleaned up to get ready for a very late lunch. I'll call it tea because it's already around 5pm I think.

Famished, close to 7 dishes were ordered.

Som Tam - Thai Green Papaya Salad. Julienned young papaya and mango with dried shrimps, cashew nuts and seasoned with sugar and chillis. Perfect balance of sour, sweet and spicy.

Stir-fried asparagus with shrimps and mushrooms. Bland.

Big fat juice oysters yum yum. Considered an aphrodisiac but I'm just happy to be slurping them in, after a squeeze of lemon and a dribble of Thai green chili. There are 5 other dips provided, fried anchovies, garlic slices, chopped bird's eye chilis, chili ketchup, chili with chili oil and Thai green chili. Without a doubt, the Thai green chili has to be the best oyster companion, after lemon of course.

Tom yum gong - TY requested for a super hot tom yum. And they certainly delivered... though not quite as hot as the Keng Som fish (details later ;)) This tom yum comes in a clear broth but the fragrance of lemongrass whets the appetite for more.

Our spicy lala. Gone within 5 minutes served at our table. Damn these Lifeguards.


The Pa Miong (hope I somehow got it spelled correctly) which is a type of leafy bitter vegetable that is supposedly only available in Krabi / Thai. Cooked stir fried with eggs and I have no qualms about eating bitter vegs. Love this one.

And the fish that made us all wept.

Keng Som fish. Which is literally Asam Pedas in Malay. The fish is first deep fried then braised in a sour and spicy broth. Every sip of this broth packs a punch! One of the many rare dishes that got me wiping my forehead from sweat and hissing between sips. Syok!

Killer keng som.... you have been warned!

Walked over to the beach for a shot of the group with tetek in the background. Oh, Mrs Dugong wasn't able to join us for dinner because she didn't feel well. I think she was the only one besides me who had problems with the longboat.

Even after that humongous, er, tea, our Gecko Hunter still hiao want to find more food (deep fried, of course) at one of the stalls.

I especially liked the deep fried whole prawns (whole including head, tails and all).

Finally a daylight photo of our hotel. Clean, great service. Oh, I have not mentioned about our little misfortune on our first night at the hotel. Digressing, before leaving on the first night we checked in, we left the air conditioning on to cool the room. When we got back, the room was as hot and stuffy as ever. Didn't help that TY has left to capture star trail shots. So I called the reception asking them to fix the air-conditioning. One of the staff came along and all he did was to move the vents one way to another and he left -.- Didn't help either that his English was poor and my Thai was limited to 2 words - Sawadeeka and Hong Nam.

A second call brought the same guy over, but this time he had this gas coolant or whatever it's called, I breathed a sigh of relief. Couldn't sleep in this humidity! After being stuck in the balcony for close to 20 minutes, the hotel staff came out and I thanked him profusely. Air from vent came out cool and breezy. Happy ending.

Ok, back to after that deep fried shrimp story. The plan was to go back to our hotel, take a rest and then we go out again for our much discussed and planned aloe vera massage. Jeff brought us to this place which Gecko Hunter reckoned is way over-priced. So we went on a hunt along the streets and found a road sign which seems to keep everyone happy. In we went along this dodgy looking alley...

The spa lot charges 350 Baht (RM35) per hour for a combo of Thai massage with aloe vera. I was looking forward to this a lot but thanks to the lazy masseur that I received (which Horse observed to always checking the clock), my fairy tale massage crashed into the gates of hell beneath.

Her presses on my back is comparable to a cat treading on my skin. Jeez.... seriously geram thinking about it. I requested, twice for her to exert more power "Stronger, ya" and she nodded and proceeded with her meow meow paw massage. Sigh.

Coconut ice cream for supper afterwards. Still can't believe I got such a lousy massage from a Thai. Didn't even manage to crack my bones or whatever. Not with her kitty arms.

We walked back to the section where our banana shakes are sold and on a separate stall, ordered grilled fish and corn.

Assignment: print out top picture and draw curly mustache.

Grilled fish was ok, had fun forking out the meat. Grilled corn was extremely dry and hard.... Our banana shake stall was closed and we got our shakes from another stall, which made our shakes really diluted and practically used up a whole can of condensed milk for a drink.

Phi Phi tomorrow!

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