Detoxification: Day III

I got up early this morning with a slight runny nose. Overly concerned, I abandoned all plans on detox :p So I had clear pork beehoon soup for lunch...

Seems a bit pointless by now to be blogging about detox which I've ditched since Day 1. But I need to finish what I started right. There are a couple of pictures of the usual stuff I'd cooked the night before. As expected, they might look like you've seen them before but no, this is definitely Day 3 detox food.

I had cut the carrots in pretty flower shapes. Also added raw shallots to the whole tumble of food. Adds a little spiciness to the salad. Me likey.

There ends the detox plan that... didn't quite turn out the way I expected.


  1. not fail ok.... just had to improvise as I go along.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oops forgot to log out and login to my account.

    Btw, yea dragon fruit is very sweet, can't you plant some in your garden?

  4. hahaha can start planting then by the time the Malaysian entourage to US arrives can sapu all the fruits hehehhe.

    that is if Baby doesnt get to them first.


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