Madam Chiam Pan Mee

Update: It is NOT sai yong choy, but spinach soup -_-

Couple weekends ago, after an Apek San hike, Stanley wanted to try out another restaurant which was featured in the KL book bible. Normally we just settle with Sun Ming duck rice.

Photos courtesy of Stanley.

Serves more than just curry noodle.

The specialty here is of course, the pan mee. I ordered a small bowl, with an additional egg. Also ordered a bowl of sui kow.

Spring boiled egg, just the way I likey! There's all the usual pan mee condiments, minced pork in dark sauce, deep fried anchovies and half a lime to mix. The ingenious addition is the dried chili flakes and the spring boiled egg..mmmm. Can also ask for extra chili.

Mix everything together evenly and there you have a bowl of absolute goodness! It may not look like much in here, but trust me, all those condiments are perfect matches. The egg lends a sticky texture to the noodles and the chili flakes are a must. Similar but not alike with the pan mees I've tried before in Penang and SP.

Also comes together with a small bowl of soup- the sai yong choy. I'm more accustomed to the other type of leafy soup, which I can't recall the name. The leafy vegetables are the sticky type lol. Apologies for the not-so-helpful description :p

Next is the sui kow. Essentially dumplings with minced pork/chopped vegetable fillings and boiled in soup. It's nothing special la I think. I find the skin a tad too thick and Madam Chiam certainly skimped on the fillings.

But even with the sad sui kow, I cannot stop myself from gushing about the chili pan mee hehehe. It really is that good! Screw the Sp and Penang pan mee, this wins the pan mee award :p

Madam Chiam Curry Noodle House
No 2, Jalan Cerdik, Taman Connaught,
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Lol... confirm? Want ma stay one extra day this weekend and have it the next day lor.


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