Digestive Spring Cleaning

It's that time of the year (?) again!

Time to take out the trash and make the body pristine clean again! ;)

I'm talking about a body detox of course... Got up early this morning and bought several truck load full of fruits and vegetables from the Sunday morning market.

Two reasons I am doing this:
One. Close to being a health freak, been eating too much of those MSG filled food around KL and my digestives desperately need a break. Anyway, it's only 3 days.
Two. Justin, a colleague who is a bit chubby wants me to join him on a detox program lol. I think he wants to lose a bit of weight before his wedding ;) He's been acting like a detox salesperson, urging every single staff at work that passes by his place to join in the detox diet hahaha. But this time around it won't be much of a strict program. Oat and milk are still allowed but otherwise the same rules apply.

Non processed stuff, non of those MSG crap. The only seasoning permissible would be sea salt, grounded black pepper and..... pretty much that I think.

I spent close to RM50 worth of fruits and vegetables this morning. But considering the amount of fruits I've bought and that it's for at least 3 days, I think that's not too bad.

Broccoli, zucchini & carrots.

And an endless supply of fruits (yea rite! If Boy sees this probably hentam 1 time and everything is gone).

My favorite mangoes, "or kim", literally, black gold.

And bananas!

Imagine if I were to buy only 3 pieces of bananas, albeit bigger ones than these, at Cold Storage could easily go up to RM2-3. I got this whole bunch for RM2.60! Love the morning market...

Will be blogging closely on the progress of the detox ;)

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