Piao Xiang

Possible repetitions of dishes from the Tambun dinner lol. Purely coincidental, or maybe they are just typical favorites.

Grandma boiled special pa ki hong tong soup for me *.*

Piao Xiang is one of my favorite restaurants in SP. Their dishes are really delicious and have you begging for more ;)

Chicken fillet. Love the boneless chicken, fried to perfection and dipped in Thai chili sauce. *melt.

Potato leaves (the best description I can give lol) fried in sambal belacan. Loves.

Tofu again. But this one beats the lousy Tambun any other day!

Steamed fish in Teochew style. Soup is derived from salted vegetables. Love this one too. Repetition #2 to the Tambun's lol. Not I order wan har.

Tu Kha. This is a mistaken dish. They were supposed to prepare a Siamese style pork feet but I think some misunderstanding went under way and it turned out into this herbal-ish pork feet. The gravy is not bad but I think I still prefer the dry version of pork feet.

Fried ice cream again. lol.

Cute Ah Ma.

Nom nom nom.

Blogging food in the middle of the night is such a torture.

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