Tambun Seafood

We should definitely award ourselves after a job well done. In this case, we rewarded our tummies after the nearly 4-hour hike up Maxwell Hill. A deep desire for seafood brought us to the fishing village of Tambun ;)

Settled for the affordable priced Gee Seng.

Wooden planks that let us peek at the muddy soil underneath.

Can't help laughing at this picture hahahahh. Evan scrambling to take all the photos that he can of his poor dead cicak while TY looks like he couldn't care less and Ruo-Wen like a ghastly spirit gazing past Evan's shoulders.

Count with me how many dishes we ordered!

Than? Can't remember what it's called.

Boiled sotong - not what I would order.

Kam Heong balitong if I'm not mistaken. Didn't get a chance to try this because they were sapu-ed or couldn't suck the damn things out. Lau hong.

Stir fry bok choy.

Fried tofu

Chili crabs. This is really a let down....The gravy is practically tasteless and the crab meat also not great.

Uhm, no idea how to describe this crab dish. Not quite salted egg, but similar? lol.

Stir fry cabbage.

Steamed fish.

My favourite of the lot. Deep fried sotong. Not that you can go wrong with anything deep fried anyway.

Mantis shrimps. I was actually looking forward to the chili onion fried mantis shrimps but I suppose this will do for now.

11 dishes for 13 dining.... Like I said, this restaurant is cheaper compared to the other ones around the area. So banking on the taste and flavor is not advisable.

Oh got #12 also hahahha Fried Ice-cream.

Bill came to about RM25 per person. Not bad right with the amount of dishes. But jeez, I sure hope to try out the other restaurants.

End of post that is making the sick me hungry now.

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