Baby Isabel is One!

The much anticipated event of the month lol (other than my birthday and Christmas, of course hehe). The party is only a few days after the big group arrived from Baling and Spain. Coincidentally, it falls on a public holiday yay! We spent the night before the birthday doing last minute preparations, decorations, you name it. I've also got BB a very cute present! You'll see :)

Got up early in the morning and started on the balloons. PCC mistakenly got some balloons that look like doves! Haha they would have been nice probably except they are kind of small and doesn't seem enough because of its size. Thank goodness we have an air pump otherwise all our mouths would be permanently puckered up.

Some DIYs and some ready made. hehe. SCC and I were aghast at what turned out from the colorful paper cuttings bought from store. We were cracking jokes about how people may think it's some uh, wedding.

The gang of aunties really overdid themselves, cutting and chopping and cooking and frying. The food smells so good!

Prezzie from the sweet Sien Yi :D. Better Sien Yee than Gor Yee (Five aunt, literally).

Isabel is very the pa pai. She fell asleep before the party event got started (about 4pm) and no amount of noise can possibly awake this little princess here (she was also asleep earlier in the morning when we were going about with the balloons when one of them popped very loudly but she went on dozing ever so peacefully).

See that cute little dress with wings hooked on her stroller? PCC bought the dress I think. Super adorable :)

The generous spread of food. We have Ji Yi's much sought after tomyam heh (tom yum prawns) and pai kut ong, some fried finger food - nuggets, sausages, chips, fried beehoon, buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken, jellies and Ribena drinks hehe

PCC's friends were also there, and some brought their kids over. I think it's more of an adult party than for the kids hehe nevermind who cares as long as everyone has enough to eat!

The sweet famille. Isabel only got up after a while and we stuffed her quickly into her butterfly dress and new shoes, with her all the while looking sleepy and grumpy.

One thing about Isabel is that she is very easy to take care of. She hardly every cries UNLESS you grab her and force her to do anything at all. You've got to let her explore on her own and not grab her hand or something like that then she WILL howl.


Isabel's new friends.

Annie who lives in the same block was sweet enough to bake not one, but two cakes for BB's birthday! There's one peach cake and another blueberry cheese cake which tastes awesome. The cheese is very compact and had me filled up. I love the way she presented her peach cake too, looks very pro and yummy.

And how can we leave out the tradition of the Spanish piñata? Typically piñatas takes the form of kids' favorite cartoon characters of some other interesting features but as we didn't have enough time, so this unsuspecting cardboard box was pulled out to play a role it wasn't meant to...

The night before SCC and I were cutting up papers and preparing presents for this piñata! Normally the kids will take a pole and smash the piñata while its contents spill out but Angel has found a rather interesting way of achieving the same goals hehe


And finally my favorite photo of the day.... when the kids went out for a swim.

The pink boy's cap I got for Isabel! Adorable not! You can't see it from here but on the other side of the cap, there is a fancy 'P' embroidered on it which I declared as Princess Penarrocha ;)

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