Ho Ho Ho: Feast Fit For King (and me)

The highlight of the trip, and the one occasion all of us were waiting for and the reason I am willing to fork close to 200 bucks one way to Kuantan.... :D

Oh, not to forget I got up feeling like an utter zombie. Tired, whole body aching, throat on fire, thick wad of phlegm building up like a slow volcano waiting to erupt... talk about bad timing. As much as I wanted to get into the thick of things, I ended curled up in bed, feeling sorry for myself. I think the only help I managed to offer was to peel potatoes lol. :(

Last year's Xmas Eve was really fun as I got the honor to prepare a dish - the ceviche. And there was loads of marketing and picking out vegetables and stuff so I guess I felt more involved.

So after a few hours here and there drifting in between consciousness and slumberland, I found myself eager to feast. I decided not to give a damn if something is going to make my condition worse - xmas is only once a year and well, I sure get sick more than once a year ok I am not making any sense. Ah well, more food pics ahead, then.

Fresh salad - cherry tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, alfalfa sprouts and sliced cucumber. Healthy salad without dressing :)

Miniature french loaf with Swiss cheese and Italian herb. Lightly toasted. Loveeee. Some say it's stinky but I just can't find anything wrong with it ;)

This 5kg baby has been slowly roasting in the oven for over four hours. This time Aunty didn't flavor the bird much, plain and simple, with butter and salt layered under the turkey skin. The year before she had bay leaf and rosemary infused into the turkey.

If there is a theme to this Christmas dinner, then it should be aptly called the Potato Christmas. There are a grand total of four different types of potato dishes prepared.

Potato and leek soup (Potato dish #1) prepared by Dennis. And of course the most crispy and delicious garlic french loaf to go with the soup...

I love this shot (though more than half is not prepared for it). Family gathered, Christmas tree in the background and plates after plates of dishes prepared by the best cooks.

And thus, feast your eyes upon the mighty bird!!
(you shall get a view of it from every imaginable angle. lol)

Accidentally lau chui nua... Sorry can't help it.

Jiwang turkey...

Mister, can carve or not! :p terhegeh-hegeh pulak tu. Boleh tahan la.... quite thin strips lol.

And the godawesome turkey gravy.

Mashed taters (Potato dish #2) and cold tater salad (Potato dish #3). Oh and the sweetest corn too from Cameron Highlands. Eh I must have been mistaken, looks like there are only three potato dishes hehe.

Add in a slab of the juiciest medium-cooked piece of steak and my life is complete. My biggest regret this Xmas is that I couldn't stuff myself more.

*Saliva flooding room*

The same night, Ngo Nen went on and made steamed butter cake yin yang style with mixed fruit cake. How's that for a damn pro cook.

I am head over heels in love with the plain butter cake. Must drink with teh si! Ok, with the addition of these only my life is complete.

And finally the dessert of the day...

Waseh! Who made that perfect black cherry cheese cake base! Damn pro man! Actually damn senget ada la lol. Nevermind, adds character aye ;)

Much drinking ensued, well, for the others anyway. Crashed onto the bed before midnight lol. Oh and if you think that's the last of the Christmas feast, you can't be wronger (if such a word exist) in your life. There is a feast every night that I am here in Kuantan. Hopefully I can get work fast enough before the 2011 comes knocking.


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