Ho Ho Ho: The Long Awaited ABC

And thus, all good things will come to an end... Either way, I was feeling a lot better than Xmas Eve. Early Xmas morning, the others were up early for Shan's 7/7. Whereas I was still dozing. TY told me to take a rest and I was having a bad headache so I didn't argue.

Finally got up around 10:30am but the others are still out at the nirvana place. Couldn't find anyone else at home so turned my laptop on and played Plants vs Zombies lol I think it's becoming a Christmas game. If you check back my old Xmas post you would see that I blogged about the exact same thing. Nostalgic eh. sniff.

A little while later Wei En came bursting from the Ngo Nen's place lol. She got up very early and went over as she is not allowed to attend Shan's 7/7 since it's also her birthday. Something about superstitions la. Showered, and later See Xiang arrived with help in the shape of sushis. Hehe... Anyway, this has to be one of the most so -called 'healthiest' Xmas I've spent in Kuantan. On the second day there, I actually went to Taman Gelora with Hao and Uncle, jogged 3 rounds, non-stop and brisk-walked another round. ;)

That same day also I was bugging TY to hike up Bukit Pelindung. I even brought my hiking shoes and all! Then that bugger, knowing him, he just said see how first etc. Damn suey.... here I am all hyped up and he was being this wet blanket. Lei Ngo saved me in the end, they arranged to hike the hill along with TY's other ccousin, Dennis. Needless to say, TY didn't join us, that fat ass... said he had to work, but I know better hurmph.

It's a pleasant hill to hike, takes about 20-30 minutes maybe, to reach the top. The hill has some steep slopes and some flat areas nicely spaced in between the steep ones and the best part is that the walkway are shaded by trees. The paths are also tarred so no worries about muddy trails :D I think the hiking did me some good, gone back home all sweaty and fresh (ok oxymoron but you know what I mean).

Steamboat dinner! We were supposed to have steamboat dinner on the second night we were in Kuantan (which was the day it rained, whole day longggg ...ahhh... such a waste) but as TY's uncle and cousin had to go to Cameron on a business trip, the plan was postponed. Instead, they went there, and got us some really fresh and sweet ingredients for a kick-ass steamboat!

Has a lot of sai yong choy. I couldn't eat much as I was still recovering from whatever I was having. Ngo Nen kept calling me to the table as there was still a lot left but I had to decline :( Appetite not that well at that time. sob.

And there's this bacon strips too lol. After boiling in the water, dip into soy sauce or Kampung Koh chili - good stuff.


I bought the Christmas pudding from Marks & Spencer. There were 3 types of pudding available. I got the Classic pudding for RM35 at 500g. The others were outrageously priced... There's this Luxury Pudding which was tagged at RM98 or something like that... lol. I think that one has better quality rum or something like that lah.

I have come to realize that every type of dessert works extremely well with teh si! Hahahhahah. Just a couple of days earlier Uncle sat me down and started lecturing me about drinking too much teh si. I was indignant! Defended by saying I only take them when I am in Kuantan hahaha which is the truth. No doubt TY makes good teh si... He's so lucky he has me who can appreciate good teh si. Teh si is a really popular drink here, and TY would usually make at least 2 rounds of teh si each day.

Tastes good with steamed butter cake, with cheese cake, with Christmas pudding, with cheese and crackers. Really, anything!

Aunty got some cream out from the freezer and when it has warmed a little to the room temperature, she got this cute little whip and frothed the cream into a delightful-slightly-cold whipped frothy cream. Spoon that onto the warm steamed Christmas pudding and that is the best combination indeed...

Dis is heaven neh.

Second last day of my stay in Kuantan.

Got up very early, like 7ish and saw a message on my phone, "Massage at 10" from Aunty. There's this husband and wife team of masseuse who make trips to houses and provide massage. The others have already been relieved of their tight muscles the evening before but because I preferred to workout and sweat, I had to forgo the plan. Lucky me, the massage lady is free the next day but it has to be early morning as Dennis leaves for KL after lunch.

And thus, took a bath (I know it sounds silly to bathe before a massage but there is a lunch appointment at 11 which confirm I don't have time to bathe and hence, the bath) and had a light breakfast of cheese and crackers before going over to Ngo Nen's place.

The massage is freakingly awesome! It's unlike those I've tried in spas, or even with the Thai masseuse. This lady can really find those stress points, and rub them like she's never rub a thing in life. I was left all limp and that night, I found those points to be really sore and some even had a slight bruise mark. But it was almost gone the next day... syok. Some more 30 bucks per hour nia. Great deal.

Soon after the massage, went out to meet with a family friend, Uncle Man Zheng who brought us to this bak kut teh place. It was not bad, more and more meat... Later on, got back, hit more zombies and then got ready to hike up Bukit Pelindung again lol. This time there's more people interested in going hehehe I think I am pretty much the trendsetter lol.

By 3pm, Hao, WE, TY, Uncle, Chien, Hui, Lei Ngo and I were all ready to hike. This time around, we are taking a trail off the main route about three quarter way up. The trail goes on like a jungle trail and will eventually lead us to the beach of Teluk Chempedak. Great hike. Took us about an hour from the starting point to TC.

Reward for the hike? A piping hot bowl of the most aromatic ABC soup cooked with turkey bones ;)

My life is complete..... :D Must add bamboo salt and it is perfecto! I think I had at least 6-7 bowls of these. My stomach must have expanded 2 extra inches but it's all worth it.

Loads of vegetable dishes! My fave is the purple cabbage stir fried. Can't seem to have enough of those cheng cha veggies. Got some meat dishes also la but hardly touch those anyways.

And another shot of my happily sipping my teh si... I still have another dream left... to have warm teh si with cold butter cake T_T that time only left 2 small pieces of butter cake... sigh.

Everyone kept asking me to come back during CNY and I was like, cant! Mom will kill me and even if Mom allowed I don't think I want to leave my family behind that way. CNY is like the most important period of the year that it is a sin to miss it! Besides, I'm not even married to TY yet, so, no can do folks.

But I will sorely miss all of them, the way they make me feel so welcomed, priceless :)

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