A Day To 25

Had a really toned down birthday celebration this year. TY couldn't make it to KL (with reasons only clear to himself), and most of my girl buddies couldn't make it that weekend, so the dinner and stuff had to be postponed. Thank goodness I have my sweet adopted-sister WE to at least make it memorable for me :D

Again, we couldn't think of which restaurant to go for lunch (caught the Rapunzel movie later, the movie is fab! Hilarious, upbeat, had me laughing the whole movie through ok I am digressing) and at the Midv directory I suddenly notice this restaurant called Spaghetti Grill and the agreement was instantaneous haha.

The restaurant offers dinner and lunch set, each at RM17 and RM10 regardless of which day it is. The set meal includes selected main entrée and a bottomless soda or juice. We settled down a table and I started noticing that the decor , down to the glasses they use, to the menu and logo is very similar to Chilis... well to cut a story short, it is indeed opened by Chilis! For the quality and amount of food you get, I think it is totally a value for money.

WE's tomato juice and my orange (yea boringggg I know but was just in the mood for orange juice hehe.)

My lovely lunch date lol

There are a few spaghetti options you can choose from for your lunch set. I can't make up my mind then as there are not many varieties but I finally settled on the seafood alfredo.

The toast looks a bit awkward next to the spaghetti, right? And the plate looks small right? Well, it's not quite... The alfredo sauce is sinfully creamy and seafoody (if that is even a word). There are two medium-sized prawns (cooked just right), 3-4 lalas (lol) and a couple of calamari rings.

I think WE ordered the spaghetti bolognaise or something like that. Tastes not bad too.

See what I mean about the serving being NOT small...

WE who is mad about potatoes wanted to order this potato cheddar ball. Light and crispy but I guess it's a bit too much especially when you are having creamy and cheesy alfredo sauce already.

After movies WE insisted to go for cakes. How can I deny my sweet tooth a treat? Lol. Got to Zen when I saw an almond brownie with ice-cream, and that was it, no question asked.

I still think the brownies with ice-cream is still the best by delicious. I wished that Zen could warm up the brownie more to further contrast its tangibility to the ice-cream.

WE had her usual green tea cheese cake lol. Thanks for the birthday treat! Muakssss.

Christmas post in Kuantan coming up soon ;) More and more fat days ahead T_T

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