Chiak Pui Pui, Pien Sui Sui

Ok that hokkien rhyme is a complete made-up hehe whatever, it's a small consolation to me.

Last week after a yoga class I got into a sauna and I usually weigh myself on the scale after that. My weight shot up to 2 kilograms more than before. No surprises there.

Ji Yi has been overdoing herself the whole time she was here with us. Every night, without fail, a three- or four course meal would be waiting for me after I got back from work. I am telling you, that is the epitome of happiness. A great home-cooked meal wafting through the door after a long hard day.

A note of warning though. The following pictures may cause excessive envy and tremendous hunger. Please don't chomp off your hands in frustration. I nearly did.

Stir fried cubed pumpkin with heh bi, herbal soup, fried fish with one of the best sambal bawang ever. I told Ji Yi that she can start making nasi lemak already. The sambal is spicy, me orgasmic :D

Dinner was only two of us and she made this noodle dish with gigantic chunks of fish cutlets. With chopped chilis, it is love.

Braised potato leaves, stir fried vegetables, pai kut ong and some leftover chicken curry from K's mom. I L.O.V.E potato leaves (jeez I hope that's what it's called hehe, maybe tapioca leaves? Don't know, but so sweet!)

Stir fried zhap chai, sar bi hu (another of my favourites), sweet and sour fish and bittergourd omelette.

Sigh wth am I torturing myself?


Huan chu hiok (potato leaves) in sambal, bee hoon, tu kha chor (braised pork with hard boiled eggs) and eggs with baked beans.

Tu kha chor wins hands down. Ji Yi is going back tomorrow :( Oh please let me shed this extra two kilos T_T

Fat chance with Xmas in Kuantan coming up.

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