Convo Dinner batch of 2009

Date: 15th August 2009
Venue: Little Cottage 2

Took a 5 hour bus ride all the way from KL to Penang to attend this dinner.

Mostly pictures only. (I got a feedback from 1 reader who said that she doesn't read my post, just glance through the pictures. hmmph)

Kenneth was still recovering from food poisoning. Hence the very constipated look and lack of appetite.

Food was alright, just that they are not refilled fast enough. Same goes for the drinks. I am assuming that the lifeguards are practically vacuuming food from the buffet line.

Caught up with the really old biscuits.

Lye Siong looking all bulked up with the 09/10 captain.

Left: drunkard.

Me and JoJo totally matchy matchy :D

Soon after dinner, most of us proceeded to Mois. It was a disappointment to me because the songs that are played just aren't my type but at least the company sort of makes up for it. Cau Cieh drank so much that he was unable to walk by himself and was puking the night through.

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