Survival Skills Guide in Houston

I went through some of my picture folders and realized that there is still one more thing I have not blogged about! Stuff that I'd cooked in Houston! Hehehehhe.

All of us had an apartment each and there is a kitchen equipped with all the necessary stuff. So, one of the best ways to save up our per diem allowances is to cook. Not only I find it therapeutic but also healthy. Seriously, Texan servings are wayyyy too much for me.

Photos are pretty random and probably not all there is that I have cooked. I remembered making porridge too but I guess the honour is not sufficient to be taken a photo of. Okla, my cooking is not exactly first class, but they taste fine to me and are humble!

Fried rice.

Rice is from instant brown rice. Just cook with with measured amount of boiling water and voila, rice is ready. Also added slices of Jalapeno peppers, french beans, shrimps, eggs, oyster sauce and sliced carrots (yes I found oyster sauce in Wal-Mart!). Best ever.

Companied by a small bowl of stir-fried spinach in oyster sauce and a loadful of chopped garlic.
So-called Spaghetti Olio.

Boiled angel hair and stir-fried with spinach leaves, shrimps, sliced carrots and a whole chuckful of onions and garlic. Notice that my ingredients pretty much revolves around the same stuff lol :p

Stuffed Jalapenos.

This has been one of my favourites back in SP. Typically I would use fat and wide red chillies to make this, but since jalapenos over in Houston are pretty huge and spiiiicy so it makes a perfect substitute. Stuffed with minced pork marinated in oyster sauce and a dash of pepper, then steamed to perfection.

Fish Fillet with Assorted Vegetables.

Deep fried fish fillets in flour batter and served with baby carrots and celery. The yellow cubes you see here are cheese cubes. Heavenly.

Especially when taken with a few drops of Habanero Tabasco sauce and then washed down with a glass of orange juice :)

The Humble Kimchi Maggi Mee Su Yin Version.

Cooked with minced pork balls, spinach leaves, jalapeno slices and carrots. Taken on a rainy day, purrfect combination.

Three course Chinese Square Meal.

Brown rice taken with steamed okra, steamed egg custard and my special pork fillet stew!
Egg custard is the typical ones made in Chinese homes, eggs beaten with minced pork, add a little bit of water, soy sauce and pepper then steam till cooked.
Special pork fillet stew cooked with loads of onion, pork meat and carrots with oyster sauce, pepper and soy sauce.

Shit, it's 11pm and I'm getting hungry! Be right back, food hunting.


  1. If you come KL then sure get to makan. But till now hidung also no see some more dare say wan makan.


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