Jln Pudu Wai Sek Kai

One evening after a hard workout at the gym, I went up to the office to drop off my gym stuff when Stanley, who normally stays at the office pretty late too, asked me whether I want to join him for dinner at one of the recomended food joints in the 33 KL Food Hotspots.

Makan!! Wai Sek Kai, directly translated is Glutton street. It's along Jalan Pudu and there's a whole stretch of food stalls along this lorong, called Jalan Sayur (LOL). It's just nearby the clinic Ng & Yen and it might be a little bit tricky to spot the place cos it's partially hidden among residential buildings.

Some of the foodstuff recommended over here is the fried chicken, grilled stuffed tofu with cuttlefish, char koay kak, pork skin curry, some tong sui. We only managed to try a few stuff with the promise of coming back here again with Lam (who couldn't make it that day due to some dunno what issues lar).

Fried chicken.

Verdict: You know what? This thing actually is yummy! I think it tastes a bit like KFC original recipe, but not as fattening as KFC's because the batter is not very thick here. It's still oily though, do not be mistaken.

Char Koay Kak

Verdict: None, cos I didn't try it LOL. Stanley said that it tasted normal though, but he did wished that they had put in a bit more chilli in the koay kak.

Grilled cucumber stuffed tofu with cuttlefish and rojak dip.

Verdict: A bit of a disappointment with the grilled tofu. It's a bit small, and some part of the tofu is burnt. The cuttlefish is as disappointing. It is strangely rubbery, probably because it is pretty thick. Once you've tried the Malaccan grilled cuttlefish, this one here is totally out. The one in Malacca, wah, some parts crispy and the texture is just right. Having the one in Jln Pudu macam wanna wrestle with the cuttlefish.


Finally I present to you the gluttons on the street they belong to :)

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