Hakka Restaurant, KL

Ming CC and Ian were both in town on a business trip. Well, the latter one is but the former is really here on holiday and shopping purposes. So, on Friday after work, Ping CC, the two of them and I had dinner at the Hakka restaurant, located smack in the middle of KL, opposite the atas mall Pavilion.

Ping CC and Ming CC were the ones to order our dishes for the night. Among them are:

Yong tau fu-style tofu and vegetables.

Spinach cooked with garlic and salted eggs.


Deep fried sweet sour-ish chicken.

Fish head curry. You cant see the fish head because it's all beem chopped into pieces.

Great view! This was after the restaurant had its roof moved for us patrons to enjoy the cool air. The roof was initially on pulled over the restaurant as it was raining.

After dinner, we took a walk along Petaling Street. It's sort of like a night market with everything sold here, lighters, bags, fruits, kuehs etc.

And I am very much amazed at the bags that are sold here.

There are Gucci bags, LV, Coach and whatever branded stuff you can think of! Obviously these are fake ones but you can hardly tell! The quality is pretty good and the material used don't look cheap either. Having bought a Coach bag that is over a hundred USD, I feel scandalised looking at these bags.

Humph. Anyway we then proceed to a dessert place before our 11.15pm massage appointment^^.

KTZ is supposed to be pretty famous and it is indeed packed when we arrived. Lucky for us, a table has just cleared up so we took over.

Ping CC's barley and gingko dessert.

And myself, cool gingko, red dates and bok nee.

The massage that we went to charges RM80 for 2 hours of full body massage. It was complete bliss as every part of my body is almost yelling in frustration from all the aches and sores...

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