Nong & Jimmy Thai Seafood

Is one of supposedly best Thai seafood restaurants in KL. The CGGVeritas kononnya FoodVentures were there to sample the water creatures.

After work on Friday, five of us, Stanley, Lam, Jocelyn, Khek and I left at 6pm and Stanley drove us to the restaurant, which is about half an hour's drive on a non-severe traffic day. That day it took us close to an hour and 15 minutes to reach Nong & Jimmy, which I believe is a pretty short time for a Friday after-work hours because that particular weekend happen to be the start of the Raya long holidays. We used the Jalan Ampang way through to Taman Cempaka/Cahaya which is pretty close to Jocelyn's house.

We ordered this sour plum juice which was not bad though I'd take the Ambla with dried sour plum any other time. Anyway, one of my gym member at TTFC, who is a Thai, gave very positive feedback on N&J, so expectations were high that food is authentic, if not better than Kon Thai (somewhere off Sungai Dua in mainland Penang, have yet to get my hands on the pictures, so no blog post on that yet).

The Thai chilli sauce I give two thumbs up! I think they also put in lemongrass so it's very fragrant and just about spicy enough.

N&J is also recomended in KL Food Hotspots.
First dish to arrive is this 'yu zhar kuey'/'yau zhar kuai' with kaya dip. The yu zhar kuey is slightly different compared to the SP/Penang conventional ones in the sense that the Penang version is a bit more airy whereas the N&J type is quite compact. Comes in bite sizes and tastes pretty good too. Pays for that separately from the main dishes.
We ordered 5 different dishes to try:
The kerabu mango
Verdict: My favourite of the lot. Mango is not too sour, with jiu hu (?), groundnuts, sliced red chillis, salt and sugar. Yummy.

Stir-fried kailan. Ma tastes like how it looks lor.

BBQ-ed crabs.

Verdict: I am not sure how this dish was ordered as I would prefer some sort of chilli crab or something that signifies that it's Thai instead of barbequed. But surprisingly, the blandness of the crab meat tastes superb with the Thai chilli dip!

Seafood tomyam.

Verdict: Tak cukup sour, tak cukup pedas. Has squid, prawns, whole lot of lemongrass, button mushrooms, and whatmore I cant remember. The Thai food in Pekaka serves better tomyam than N&J.

Curry prawns.

Verdict: Tastes good with loads of onions fried in curry paste.

Five of us managed to work through all of the dishes, most of us here are small eaters except for Stanley probably lol.

The grand finale has to be the bill right? Is the quality and taste of food justified with the amount we have to pay?

Jeng jeng jeng!

RM 145.60 for 5, which comes to around RM30 per person. Pretty reasonable for seafood and we were all properly fed :)

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